Legends of the Metaverse Plan for an Open World Game

Legends of the Metaverse’s GENESIS Planet Shard Minting Event is now in full swing! This marks the official launch of the Metaverse NFT Project with a vision of building a stunning virtual world within the NFT Metaverse. As of press time, the 6-month old project has amassed over 50,000 Discord members and counting, so they are definitely off to a good start.

The project is being led by experienced Creative Directors that have worked on high-level projects such as Marvel and the Avatar Franchise to bring this vision to life.

Legends of the Metaverse is creating a community-owners virtual world.  Credit: Legends of the Metaverse

What is Legends of the Metaverse?

Legends of the Metaverse is a first-of-its-kind exclusive community-driven NFT open-world. For its maiden offering, the project is building an open world upon the visually stunning and utopic planet of VALAR. With the community’s support, the team hopes to one day host virtual events within their Metaverse, creating a new economy that will benefit our existing community members and early adopters!

The project is still in the very early stages of development but early supporters can get involved in two ways. The first route is to purchase Super Rare LOTM NFTs now listed on OpenSea. Then, the second way is to participate in the ongoing GENESIS Planet Shard Minting Event.

Legends of the Metaverse Planet Shards

You can own a piece of the Metaverse by minting one of the Planet Shards. Credit: Legends of the Metaverse

If you own one of the bespoke, handcrafted Artwork, the project will airdrop 1x Super Rare Legend to your wallet. Take note that Super Rare Legends has a finite supply of 100. Meanwhile, if you own one of the powerful shards, you’ll receive 1x Rare Genesis Legend, which has a finite supply of  5,555 NFTs. 

Minting and owning a  Super-Rare Artwork or one of the Planet Shards will also unlock other benefits. For example, NFT holders will automatically be whitelisted for all future events such as future Land Sale and Token Launch. In addition, they will receive other goodies and perks such as a lifetime membership to the secret LOTM members only club.

More about the GENESIS Planet Shard Minting Event

The project advocates fair distribution, so the 5,555 Rare LOTM Shard NFT’s will cost 0.05 ETH each. Just visit the minting website to join the fun.

Today, October 23, the team revealed that Genesis Legends would become very valuable in the future once the project rolls out the breeding mechanism. This announcement is adding excitement to the ongoing GENESIS Planet Shard Minting Event.

According to the Discord Post, users would need at least 2x Planet Shards to participate in the breeding. Then, if they can match their shards, the offspring will have more purity. Thus, the rarer the shard, the higher the rank and class will be.

In the future, Legends of the Metaverse will allow creators to contribute to a potential open-world economy, selling custom skins and accessories. So the project hopes to evolve into a virtual world where community members can live out new experiences in the Metaverse.

You can learn more about the project through the website or their official Twitter account.

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