MatrixWorld Land Sale Helps Build a Metaverse on Ethereum and Flow

Matrix World land sale

A series of Matrix World NFT land sales are being held to build an active metaverse. Auctions have already begun, and the second event is set for today, Tuesday 26th October. 5,000 plots will be sold for the Flow network. A third is also scheduled for Monday 8th November, comprising 5,000 Ethereum plots.

Matrix World land sale

The Matrix World land sale aims to fill the metaverse with innovation and fresh ideas

The idea is to allow third parties to control space within MatrixWorld. This means the virtual environment will develop faster, in exciting and more innovative ways. If it were left entirely to a centralised in-house team, progress would be slower and likely involve less diverse ideas.

MatrixWorld NFT Land Sale Rules

Simply put, the MatrixWorld NFT land sale isn’t like many others we’ve seen. And, given the sheer number of platforms now operating sales of this kind, that’s saying something.

Matrix World land sale NFT

Matrix World real estate developers must prove their worth to be considered

In this case, there is a clear expectation of innovation. People must apply for the right to buy land. Each hopeful is vetted and must explain why they are the best choice for real estate ownership by outlining how they would develop a plot.

Once accepted, buyers — or digital real estate developers — can claim their plot through the Matrix World website. It’s important to note that in order to secure your spot there is a charge of 0.2 ETH per plot, or around $845.

Plots are limited to a maximum of ten per individual, while organisations can apply for up to 108. Once successful, creators will get access to the metaverse in mid-to-late October.

Suffice to say, MatrixWorld is entering a particularly competitive end of the market. This year land sales have taken place on platforms including Aavegotchi, ‘Walking Dead’ Sandbox, ‘Ember Sword’, and ‘Thai Virtual Worlds‘. However, we’re still expecting a lot of interest in this one, so our best advice is to take that application process very seriously indeed.


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