Nike & RTFKT Team Up To Bring Physical Air Force 1 NFT Sneakers To Collectors

Nike is a leading player in using NFTs to enhance customer interaction in an innovative, transformative way, and their digital studio RTFKT proves their commitment to web3 time and again. As an example of using non-fungible tokens to develop exclusivity and reward customer loyalty, Nike plans to launch a physical edition of the Air Force 1 NFT sneakers. This phygital drop is the output of their collaboration with RTFKT digital art studio.

screenshots of the Nike RTFKT NFT shoes by Takashi Murakami

Nike x RTFKT Collection: How to Buy

Working in collaboration with Nike’s acquired digital art studio RTKFT, the NFTs were bought to life by both teams to push the boundaries of web3 adoption. The project is spearheaded by digital artist & Japanese art icon Takashi Murakami. Takashi also created the unique designs that constitute the Air Force 1 NFT collection.

The sportswear giant now aims to make the physical versions of these sneaker NFTs available. However, only holders of the partnered NFTs get to purchase the exclusive physical versions. RTFKT’s website will also host a forging event between April 24 and May 8. During these dates, the sneaker NFT holders may order the physical versions, delivered in the fourth quarter of this year.

A statement on the official website reads: “Step into the future with RTFKT and Nike’s Air Force 1 collection: featuring limited edition designs by Tashi Murakami. Get the NFT to be able to get the physical sneakers on 4.24.23.

Therefore, individuals interested in the physical versions need to obtain the tokens that make the Air Force 1 NFT collection. Finally, the sneakers are available in ten different color. These are: Genesis, Murakami Drip, Human, Robot, Demon, Angel, Reptile, Undead, Murakami DNA, and Alien.

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