Official Stormtrooper PFP NFTs To Drop Via Supremacy Games

Image of a gold Stormtrooper NFT

Supremacy Games and Tyranno Studios have teamed up to launch a collection of Stormtrooper NFTs. The NFTs are based on Shepperton Design Studio’s Original Stormtrooper design, back in 1976.  Now, fans of the popular space film series can collect these PFP NFTs and use them in an upcoming game. There are ten thousand NFTs, and they will launch on the Ethereum blockchain on October 27th.

Image of a gold Stormtrooper NFT

Offically licensed Stormtrooper NFTs are coming to galaxy near you.

These are the Stormtrooper NFTs you are looking for!

Supremacy Games, the Helsinki-based developer and publisher, has teamed up with Tyranno Studios, the web3 pioneers and video game veterans, for this fantastic NFT project. So together, they have created an officially licensed Stormtrooper NFT collection.

A long time ago… in 1976, Shepperton Design Studio was asked to help create the fictional soldier characters for an upcoming space opera film series. The result was the original stormtrooper design, which has become one of cinema’s most easily recognizable characters.

“Back when the first Stormtroopers were first produced, nearly half a century ago, Web3 technology would have seemed like something from a Sci-Fi movie,” said CEO Jari Pauna from Supremacy. “Now, thanks to our agreement with Shepperton Design Studios, fans of the Original Stormtrooper can own their very own digital version of this uniquely recognizable character.”

PFP NFTs come with some excellent utility

The ten thousand original Stormtrooper NFTs have fantastic utility. Firstly, they will be usable in an upcoming game. Additionally, NFT holders will get early access to future drops. Not only this, but there is currently another NFT collection in the works. This also revolves around another yet unannounced, iconic design by Shepperton. Unfortunately, the Stormtrooper NFT sale isn’t available to residents of the USA.

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