Pepsi x Meta NFT departments are using crypto lingo and it’s just cringe.

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Yesterday, Pepsi announced the whitelist for its genesis collection, “Pepsi Mic Drop”. This was followed by a “wannabe talk” between Pepsi x Meta NFT handles.

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The conversation was discussed by many NFT influencers.
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Not so surprisingly, the conversation spread like fire among the NFT community members. They thought that the brands were just trying to ‘fit in’.

After this, enthusiasts expressed their emotions via Twitter comments and these were mostly negative. Some include “Makes me sad”, “truly upsetting”, “brand & corporations can be bad actors too”.

Why the Pepsi x Meta talk was found cringe?

For starters, the beverage brand was trying to overuse the same crypto language.
Basically, the word “fren” is part of NFT terminology which means friend. Whereas WAGMI stands for “We are going to make it”.

Well, it seems like nothing get hidden from the NFT community. Particularly, the over usage of words and trying to follow up with the crypto lingo was perceived as “not so noble” by many.

Besides, the community members also talked about how brands and corporations are taking away the true sense of NFTs. Simply put, community members don’t believe the upcoming brand NFT projects are based on respect and value for the Non-Fungibles but just for the sake of corporation tactics.

Already, many brands such as Coca-Cola, Taco Bell, Adidas are involved in NFTs. Certainly, there will be more in the upcoming year. But it is to note that if brands don’t focus on building a good community, they might feel a blow as well.

Also, the brand’s involvement could create a divide among the community as ‘supporters’ or ‘non-supporters’.

The waitlist was subjected to a first come first serve basis.
Image Credit: Pepsi/Twitter

We hope Pepsi and other upcoming projects try to learn from the mistakes and make the community happy. Because in the end, it’s all that matters, right?

About the Pepsi NFT collection

A few days back, the company launched its Mic Drop collection. This consisted of 1893 collectibles which were interestingly free of cost for U.S citizens.

picture of pepsi NFT

The NFTs depicts microphone like avatars with other attributes.
Image Credit: Pepsi/Twitter

While the waitlist was full in no time. The company also hinted at more collections in the future. Let’s see if they win the community support by then. However, the NFTs will launch on December 12th at Opensea.

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