Prada Drops Its 9th Exclusive Timecapsule NFT

Fashion enthusiasts, prepare your crypto wallets because Prada will launch its 9th Timecapsule NFT collection on February 2nd! The limited-edition luxury drop brings colorful patterns, a new vision, and one NFT representing each physical item purchased. What’s more, those who own a physical product from the previous Timecapsule collections (released before June 2022) can now claim an NFT too!

image of a Prada Timecapsule shirt NFT

Prada returns to the NFT market thanks to its new Timecapsule drop set to launch on February 2nd. Credit: Prada

What is Prada’s 9th Timecapsule NFT Drop?

In February, Prada again enters the NFT scene’s spotlight with its new Timecapsule drop. This is the 38th physical Timecapsule collection, and the 9th NFT drop. In terms of design, the item is a printed shirt by photographer Enzo Ragazzini’s ’70s archive. This is the second (out of three) such launches titled “Interferenza Ottica Art Print by Enzo Ragazzini 1975”.

Of course, each shirt purchase comes with an NFT carrying the same traits. These digital assets also serve as an entry pass to the exclusive Prada Crypted NFT community. There, users can enjoy exclusive digital and real-life experiences.

For example, this year one lucky Prada NFT holder can get a VIP invitation to the upcoming Womenswear Fall/Winter 2023 fashion show scheduled for February 23d!

image of a Prada Timecapsule NFT

Each owner of the previous Prada Timecapsule physical collections can now claim a corresponding NFT. Credit: Prada

What if You Own an Older Prada Timecapsule Physical Item?

The first Prada Timecapsule NFT collection dropped last summer. However, many Prada fans have purchased one or more physical items from Timecapsule collections launched before the brand joined the NFT market.

With that in mind, Prada has decided to offer those owners a chance to join their Prada Crypted Discord NFT community too. In other words, each Prada Timecapsule holder can now claim an NFT based on the physical clothing item they own.


Should You Invest in Fashion NFTs?

Prada is just one example of how much luxury fashion brands are willing to invest in NFTs. Last year alone Fendi teamed up with Ledger to create crypto wallets, Dolce & Gabbana partnered with The Fabricant, and the list can go on. These facts alone prove that NFT collectors should keep an eye out for the Web3 fashion industry this year too.

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