R Labs Genesis NFT Collection ‘R Planet’ Inspires Positive Change!

a picture of the R Planet PFP project

Women-led web3 organization R Labs has revealed its genesis NFT Collection – R Planet. The collection focuses on creating positive impacts and experiences in the physical world. R Labs, founded by former Bumble execs, is bringing its lore to life with this first drop. The gorgeous artwork by Kim Jung Gi apprentice Nessi explores human connection, meaning, and the gifts of our collective consciousness. 

Read to learn how this larger-than-life NFT project came to be, and how you can mint their genesis drop!

a picture of the R Planet PFP project

You Can’t Help But Admire The Art By Nessi!

How To Mint The R Planet NFT Collection?

The R Planet collection mints privately on October 25th, and the public sale goes live the next day. The Ethereum NFTs are a collection of 8,888 profile pictures with varying utility. According to the lore, the citizens of R Planet live in a parallel dimension of our reality. In this version of the world, their gifts, talents, and cultures shape the world they live in. Furthermore, actions are the core concept and motto of R Planet. The collection will see the R Labs team engage in high-impact, pragmatic work to support and empower their ecosystem as well as the physical world.

Another philosophy that the collection embodies is the philosophy of “doing good sh*t.” To realize this, R Planet has also reserved minted NFTs for selected community members who represent “good shit” behaviors. These minted NFTs will be awarded via a nomination and application process. 

Moreover, the fully-doxxed team believes in the power of digital assets as a key player in changing how people interact with and help impact the physical world and the environment. The company is building at the intersection of tech, human connection, and impact, connecting purpose and profit. Furthermore, their efforts concentrate their actions on sustainability, renewable energy, and affordable housing.

Though the public mint for R Planet goes live only on October 26th, the team is actively adding spots to their allowlist via their discord and Twitter. According to their website, “We reward members who are early, engaged, kind, patient, and creative.”

More About R Labs

R Labs is a prominent web3 organization backed by industry leaders affiliated with Softbank, AGF, Prodege, among many others. Their advisory board consists of members the likes of Bored Room Ventures, Zeneca, Project Godjira, CryptoVonDoom, Laura Rod (@theMiamiApe), and many more.  R Planet believes in the power of tokens and wants to go beyond the cookie-cutter use cases of today. The minority and women-led company aims to address the 24 Trillion dollar shift in wealth this decade to the next generation.

The team centers itself around mobilizing digital assets and using them for social and environmental good. R Labs believes the tokenization of impact assets will disintermediate middlemen and democratize access to wealth creation, while building the world we want to live in.