Reddit and Google Team Up for NFT-friendly Play Store Policies

In a major shift, Google teams up with Reddit and shakes up the tech world with its recent NFT Play Store policies announcement. The exciting change will allow apps and games to incorporate NFTs on the platform. Let’s take a look at how this will affect the NFT ecosystem.


  • Google shakes up Play Store policies, allowing apps and games with NFTs, showing it’s evolving stance on blockchain technology.
  • Updated rules require transparency from games using tokenized assets, cracking down on exaggerated NFT earnings and gambling-like mechanics.
  • Reddit works with Google to shape the policy shift, aiming to level the playing field and promote user trust.
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Google Introduces NFT World To Play Store

Google Set to Bring NFT Apps and Games to ‘Play Store’

With a recent announcement about its Play Store policies, Google is shaking things up. Now, they are making it possible for apps and games using NFTs to join the platform. Under the updated rules, games using tokenized assets will be required to be clear about their use of blockchain elements. Thus, to ensure responsible usage, Google is being strict on developers who try to hype up potential NFT earnings.

Furthermore, Reddit, the community that had significant success with its Avatar NFTs, teamed up with Google to help create this policy shift. According to Matt Williamson, Senior Engineering Manager at Reddit, the partnership aimed to level the playing field and promote user trust.

Google had previously banned crypto mining apps. However, more recently, Google showed a shift by bringing the decentralised data storage app ArDrive Mobile to the Play Store. In addition, they also featured the game Axie Infinity: Origins in select markets.

The rollout of Google’s new rules for blockchain games will occur gradually. Some changes are expected to be seen later this summer. By embracing NFTs and shaping policies to encourage responsible usage, Google is willing to explore blockchain technology’s potential. So, stay tuned for exciting developments in the coming months!

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