Remember Metaverse Launches World’s First Virtual Cemetery with Memorial Stone NFTs

Remember’s Memorial Stone NFT in the metaverse

Remember Metaverse is a project like no other in the web3 space. For the first time ever, thanks to Remember’s Memorial Stone NFTs, you can commemorate your loved ones in the metaverse. Basically, Remember Metaverse functions as a virtual memorial space where you can memorialise your dearest departed using digital flowers, memorial stones, and much more. 

Remember’s Memorial Stone NFT in the metaverse

Remember’s Memorial Stone NFTs are intricately crafted.

As the stunning NFTs go live this week, let’s take a look at everything this first-of-its-kind NFT project has to offer!

Memorial Stone NFTs to remember your loved ones forever

Based on the Ethereum blockchain, Remember’s Memorial Stone NFTs are a sight to behold. Each NFT is one-of-a-kind, intricately crafted, and breathtakingly beautiful. All in all, there are 5,000 memorial stones, each completely different from the other, reflecting your loved one’s individuality. After all, every individual is unique and what better way to remember them than a delicately crafted piece of artwork?

What’s more, Remember’s artists have put much thought and effort into each NFT. For instance, the ‘Remember Sphere’ represents the soul of your loved ones. Then, the ‘Ring’ symbolises the spirituality of each stone and protects your beloved. Once you mint your Memorial Stone NFT, you can place it in a mesmerising location of your choice in the Remember Metaverse. 

Additionally, the NFT doubles up as a key to your personal Memorial Hall. This is where you can safely store and display the memories of your beloved. Be it text, images, videos, sounds, or 3D objects, you can store them all here. As the owner of the Memorial Stone, you have the complete power to decide what memories to share and who can visit the Hall. Just check out this sneak peek in this video of a 3D rendering of a Memorial Hall in the Remember Metaverse.

The pre-sale of the Remember Memorial Stone NFTs will go live at 2:00 am UTC on February 23. But get in quick—there are only 50 Whitelist spots to mint the NFTs for 0.1 ETH. After this, the price will rise to 0.125 ETH for the phase 1 sale set for 2:00 am UTC on February 24.

Remember Metaverse memorial stones in the Sandbox

The project is also recreating Remember Metaverse in The Sandbox.

You can own LAND in the Remember Metaverse

As with most other metaverses, you can also own your own virtual LAND in the Remember Metaverse. Essentially, LAND is a tradable, 3D virtual real estate in the Remember metaverse’s memorial park. The park includes varying regions such as prairie, tundra, desert, oasis, and forest. You can buy LAND here to place a Memorial Stone, build a Memorial Hall, create interactive experiences, and much more to remember your beloved forever. You can also earn from various interactions on your land. 

A Remember metaverse land voucher

Memorial Stone NFT holders will receive LAND vouchers.

Actually, all Memorial Stone NFT holders will get a voucher for LAND. This will be sold separately in the future. The Remember project is also working on developing the ​​Remember Metaverse in The Sandbox. In addition, it has partnered with DTC casket company, Titan Casket to bring its visions to life. 

Make sure to follow the project on Twitter and Instagram page and join their Discord server to not miss any updates. For more information, don’t forget to check their website!