Takashi Murakami on AI and its Impact on NFTs

Celebrated Japanese contemporary artist Takashi Murakami shared his thoughts on AI and AI art NFTs, during the opening of his latest exhibition in Le Bourget, in France. He expressed mixed feelings about this breakthrough technology.


  • Takashi Murakami, a pioneer in the NFT space, expressed concerns about the impact of AI on art, especially on artists creating conventional work. He fears AI might lead to a power imbalance favoring tech engineers but believes it will not suppress human creativity.
  • Murakami continues to embrace technological change, as demonstrated in his latest exhibition “Understanding the New Cognitive Domain”. The exhibition merges traditional Japanese elements with digital art, featuring NFT-style pixelated portraits and offering visitors an NFT of a virtual coin adorned with his iconic flower motif.
  • Despite his concerns about AI, Murakami remains enthusiastic about the crypto world, likening it to an uncharted continent. He predicts it will take a few more years for people to fully grasp the transformative power of cryptocurrencies and NFTs.
A picture of Murakami's new exhbition at Gagosian's gallery in Le Bourget where he spoke about AI Art nfts

Murakami’s flowers are part of the Gagosian’s exhibition.

Murakami’s Take on AI Art NFTs

A pioneer in the NFT space with his Murakami.Flowers project, Murakami is at the forefront of technology innovation. His voice resonates when it comes to these subjects.

Speaking at the opening of his latest exhibition at the Gagosian Gallery in Paris, Murakami shared his thoughts about AI art NFTs. He compared the potential influence of AI to the transformative effect of the 1980s’ Apple II computer on the design industry.

The shift towards AI, according to Murakami, might empower tech engineers over artists. This power imbalance could leave artists who produce familiar work in the dust. Notably, he confessed his fears of being replaced by AI, showcasing his awareness of technology’s disruptive potential.

However, he stressed that it couldn’t suppress human creativity. In his view, truly unique ideas that AI cannot generate will increase in value. Traditional forms of art and “classic” digital art NFTs will still be there alongside AI art NFTs, he thinks.

Who is Takashi Murakami?

Takashi Murakami, famed for his unique fusion of traditional Japanese art motifs and the vibrant world of anime and manga, continues to demonstrate his commitment to embracing technological change. His latest exhibition, “Understanding the New Cognitive Domain”, serves as a testament to this commitment.

The exhibit is a blend of Murakami’s love for Japanese traditions like kabuki and elements of the digital art world. It features pixelated portraits reminiscent of NFT-style artwork, bridging the gap between the traditional and the contemporary.

In an enticing move, visitors to his exhibition are offered an NFT of a virtual coin. It represents his iconic flower motif. After speaking about AI art NFTs, Murakami shared his view on crypto. Murakami’s enthusiasm for the crypto world remains unabated, as he indicated at the Gagosian’s event. Further, he likens it to an uncharted continent, predicting that it may take a few more years for people to fully comprehend the transformative power of crypto and NFTs.

Nevertheless, the artist didn’t indicate if he intends to one day produce AI art NFTs.


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