The Weeknd Invests $70k in FVCKRENDER NFTs


Artist and cultural tastemaker The Weeknd has just bought 47 FVCKRENDER NFTs directly from the artist in a sale of more than $70,000. The sale is an important example of artists supporting artists. In addition, it is a demonstration that there are different ways for artists to support and elevate each other, creating an environment that encourages more art and sales.


An example of FVCKRENDER’s work


FVCKRENDER is a self-taught digital artist who is a cyber world innovator. He taught himself to use the 3D art software, which has since defined his career. After developing a strong set of skills, he began creating one piece of work every day–a tradition that continued for the next five years.

His unique and futuristic style is both mechanical and human, combining raw emotions with technology and sci-fi. He is currently based in Vancouver, British Columbia, and continues to strengthen his already impressive portfolio by using art as self-therapy.

FVCKRENDER’s work has been championed by Christie’s and Sotheby’s. The recent success of his FVCK _ CRYSTAL project has generated more than 36 million U.S dollars in total revenue. Some notable clients include Ledger, Supreme, Hypebeast, The Hundreds, Swarovski, Dior, Avant Arte, Spotify, TIME and more.

The Weeknd & Web3

In addition to purchasing the FVCKRENDER NFTs, The Weeknd recently announced an NFT partnership with Binance. What’s more, he released an NFT collection, “Acephalous,” on Nifty Gateway and is also part of the Board of Directors of the NFT platform Autograph. Last but not least, he has also invested in Everyrealm, a company that develops metaverse-adjacent projects and infrastructure.

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