This Barbie is: The Future of Fashion and AI

Embrace inclusivity and diversity in fashion as AI Barbie breaks free from traditional ideals and celebrates London’s LGBTQI+ community. 


  • Step into the world of AI Barbie, a groundbreaking release by the Institute of Digital Fashion inspired by London’s vibrant queer nightlight.
  • IoDF’s mission focuses on promoting inclusivity and diversity in fashion, breaking free from Barbie’s traditional ideals and celebrating London’s LGBTQI+ community.
  • Utilising cutting-edge technology, IoDF’s six digital dolls capture the essence of popular queer nights out, proving that the future of fashion and AI is brighter and more inclusive than ever.
Still from AI Barbie

AI Barbie celebrates London’s LGBTQI+ community

AI Barbie Collection Inspired by London’s Queer Scene

Step into the world of AI Barbie, where pink buses and Margot Robbie’s face reign supreme all around the city. Mattel’s iconic doll has taken the world by storm. Now, the Institute of Digital Fashion (IoDF) is joining the excitement. Thus, using AI technology, they’ve crafted a collection of Barbies inspired by London’s vibrant and legendary queer nightlight. This isn’t the first time Barbie has explored new technologies.

IoDF’s mission goes beyond just doll play – they are all about promoting inclusivity and diversity in the fashion industry. Moreover, Barbie’s brand has come a long way since its inception, breaking free from the fantasy ideal of the blonde, white, female original. 

Founded in 2020, IoDF’s co-founders, Leanne Elliott Young and Cattytay, were determined to utilise Web 3.0 technology. Addressing previous criticism of Barbie’s white, heteronormative history, they’ve designed six digital dolls. Significantly, these dolls embody the spirit of some of London’s most beloved queer nights out. Furthermore, each doll captures the essence of its inspiration, celebrating the boundless energy and creativity of London’s queer community.

With AI Barbie leading the way, the future of fashion and AI is more inclusive than ever before. It’s a testament to how technology and creativity can merge, creating something truly extraordinary. So, whether you’re a Barbie fan or simply intrigued by the dynamic world of AI, this collection is a must-see for everyone.

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