True Fit and Shopify Forge AI-powered Partnership for Apparel Revolution!

true fit and shopify logos, implying their latest collaboration for AI integration

A groundbreaking alliance is set to reshape the apparel industry as True Fit, the AI trailblazer in size and fit decoding for both consumers and retailers, joins forces with Shopify Inc., the comprehensive commerce platform empowering businesses of all sizes. This partnership aims to democratize the quality, reliability, and economic benefits that True Fit is known for, making them accessible to merchants spanning various scales. So, let’s take a closer look.


  • True Fit & Shopify Partnership: Apparel industry transformation as AI leader True Fit collaborates with Shopify.
  • AI-Driven Confidence: True Fit’s Fashion Genome™ integrates with Shopify to eliminate fit-related concerns, boosting consumer confidence and loyalty.
  • Merchant Growth Boost: Shopify businesses of all sizes gain access to True Fit’s AI fit solutions, driving conversions and reducing returns.

true fit and shopify logos, implying their latest collaboration for AI integration

True Fit & Shopify’s Latest AI Integration: The Right Fit Was Never Easier!

At the heart of this collaboration lies the integration of Shopify merchants with True Fit’s revolutionary Fashion Genome™. This global AI fit platform known for its diverse dataset works to eliminate shopper hesitations around fit-related concerns. The ultimate goal is to foster unwavering consumer confidence, boost conversion rates, minimize fit-related returns, and nurture steadfast customer loyalty.

To clarify, this partnership revolutionizes traditional size guides by leveraging AI-fueled fit recommendations sourced from millions of shoppers. This also positions it to drive profitable brand expansion for merchants of all sizes. True Fit’s authoritative size and fit recommendations have earned the trust of an impressive 82 million active users. This, along with tens of thousands of brands and numerous global retailers across various categories. These range from menswear to footwear, and beyond.

So, merchants, regardless of their scale, can instantly harness the partnership’s essence by installing the newly launched True Fit app. This is now available on Shopify’s app store. Then, as businesses grow, they can harness True Fit’s comprehensive array of strategic offerings, including solutions designed to optimize shopper acquisition costs and provide invaluable business intelligence within the apparel-retail realm.

More About The Partnership

William Adler, President and CEO of True Fit, emphasizes the significance of this collaboration. He states, “This marks a pivotal moment for the $2.5 trillion apparel industry, historically limited to a digital presence of around 20-25%. By extending the capabilities of the Fashion Genome’s AI and machine learning data engine to merchants on the Shopify platform, we are poised to expedite merchant growth through a seamless digital shopping experience.” Adler’s insights underscore the mission of democratizing access to the Fashion Genome and AI. Furthermore, this effectively bridges the gap between consumers and their favored brands.

True Fit’s impressive track record includes success stories with other brands. These include Few Moda, Greyson, Toast, and Dia & Co. It also ignites growth and success by fostering consumer trust. True Fit also offers Shopify merchants a seven-day free trial of their services to amplify their impact.

In conclusion, the True Fit and Shopify synergy heralds a new era in apparel commerce. It amplifies consumer confidence and reshaping the industry landscape. With AI-driven solutions and a commitment to fostering brand loyalty, this partnership promises to empower merchants of all sizes. To conclude, this also contribute to the thriving fabric of the apparel market.

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