Vivienne Tam Incorporates BAYC NFTs Into Her NYFW Show

snaps from the vivienne tam fashion show at nyfw

Fashion designer Vivienne Tam made waves at New York Fashion Week (NYFW) after she incorporated BAYC NFTs into her designs. According to the esteemed designer, “NFT, cryptocurrency, DAO,’ it’s like jazz music; either you get it, or you don’t.” This statement set the tone for her NFT-inspired collection.

snaps from the vivienne tam fashion show at nyfw

Vivienne Tam’s work is inspired by blue chip NFT projects like BAYC NFTs.

About Vivienne Tam’s NFT-inspired NYFW collection

Tam’s work bridges the gap between the virtual world and IRL. The designs incorporate PFPs and avatars of blue chip collections – such as BAYC NFTs, CryptoPunks, Awkward Astronauts, and CyberKongz. These NFTs are incorporated as prints and embroidery. As a result, streetwear casuals and unisex designs capture the zeitgeist of Web3 and Gen Z.

In an interview with Jing Daily, Vivienne Tam said:

“My SS23 collection is looking at the metaverse — past, present, and future. We need imagination and creativity, we need both the physical and the virtual to complete ourselves. We need better balance in the world. I hope my customers can appreciate that.”

“The metaverse also needs a physical component and the older generations need the younger ones to help show us new things and new opportunities. We can share both ways. The past, present, and future can learn from each other. I see the Vivienne Tam brand as being the bridge between the two worlds: old world, new world; physical world, virtual world,” she added.

Brands in Web3

Over the past two years, fashion brands have been flocking to Web3. Therefore, small brands and decades-old fashion houses alike have been releasing NFT collections, integrating with metaverses, and interacting with the Web3 community. Therefore, it’s safe to say that fashion is embracing Web3. As Vivienne Tam puts it, “if you want to be successful you must build the bridge to the future.”

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