y00ts NFT Announces Official Mint Date, Scholarship Updates

y00ts scholarship application page

y00ts is one of the most anticipated new NFT drops. Coming from the creators of Solana NFT ‘DeGods’, this exciting new brand aims to be a revolutionary PFP collection. There are so many of us eager to join ‘y00topia’ and take our place in this project, and now we have the news we have been waiting for. On August 26th, the y00ts NFT Twitter account released that the official mint date is September 2nd, 2022.

That’s not the only update this week. Read on to find out about updates to y00ts scholarship application processing.

y00ts scholarship application page

y00ts is ‘building a community of 15,000 of the coolest people in Web3.’

y00ts Scholarship Updates

It has been announced that the y00ts scholarship applications will be closing on Sunday, 11:59 pm PST. Additionally, you can now edit your scholarship application. You simply connect to the application with the same wallet and same Twitter account, rewrite your application, then submit it. However, be warned: if edited, your application goes to the back of the queue, so only edit if completely necessary.

y00ts welcoming a new person to their 'yootlist'

y00ts welcomes each member into y00topia on acceptance of their y00ts scholarship application.

About the y00tlist aka Y00ts Scholarship process

These scholarships are an integral part of the y00ts project, otherwise known as the ‘y00tlist’. The scholarship is a way of managing allowlist spots. Those on the y00tlist can gain access to the hottest mints based on merit. To apply for a y00ts scholarship, you have to connect your Solana wallet on their website, verify yourself through Twitter, and answer some questions. All accepted applicants have their applications made public for full transparency.

Make sure to keep an eye on the official Twitter account and also the y00ts scholarship account to keep up to date with latest developments, mint details and see if you made it on to the y00tlist!


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