71% Of Gen Z Brits Have Considered Investing In An NFT

Illustration on NFT investing

Citizens of the United Kingdom harbor a new interest in crypto assets as 71% of Gen-Z residents consider investing in NFTs. Additionally, millennials have begun to embrace NFTs, with 68% interested in digital art, while Gen X coasts lower at 35%. As the popularity of NFTs sweeps the globe, the adoption of assets in the form of NFTs is expanding rapidly.

Illustration on NFT investing

Increasing demand for crypto salaries has largely contributed to wide adoption. Credit: NFTInvesting

Brits See Viable Investing In NFTs

The United Kingdoms’ awareness of NFTs has evolved tremendously over the last year. In September, a Finders survey of roughly 28,000 found that over 78% of the UK’s population knew nothing about NFTs. In addition, the survey concluded the “forecasted adoption” rate of these digital assets would only increase by 5.8, considering only 2% of the population owned NFTs.

Furthermore, new data revealed British males as the country’s primary adopters of cryptocurrencies. Current data shows 26% of Gen-Z females invest in crypto while Gen-Z males sit slightly above 30%. The study found residents mainly held crypto for investment reasons.

However, 42% of owners commented on making varied purchases, including NFTs. Surprisingly, citizens worldwide have grown an interest in receiving their paycheck via crypto. 65% of millennial males have voted for crypto payments for compensation inside the UK. However, the United States and China’s willingness to adopt crypto as a direct payment sits at an average of 35%, nearly half the adoption number in the UK.

With crypto adoption continuing to spread, governments are cracking down on fraud cases inside the blockchain. As a result, recent seizures of various assets by the UK have led to the arrest of multiple individuals using the blockchain to hide fraud.

Though the knowledge around Web3 continues to become globally known, many nations have begun to accept crypto and the power that comes with it. With NFT sales hitting record highs in January, the market looks to dominate the market’s first half.

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