Alotta Money: Who Was The NFT Artist Who Unfortunately Passed Away?

Image of Alotta Money sitting on a beach

Alotta Money, the beloved iconic French crypto artist, has passed away. The crypto and NFT community is mourning the extraordinary artist, known for his personality, humour, wit and positivity. Also, many people across the NFT space connected with Alotta, whose real name is Phillipe.

Image of Alotta Money sitting on a beach

Sadly, iconic crypto artist Alotta Money passed away last night after a battle with Cancer.

Alotta Money spent his time creating unique and powerful art whilst helping others on their NFT journey. Many people have spoken out today about how he helped them in their journey.

This incredible, influential man is a legend in the NFT community. Furthermore, he is one of the original crypto artists, a true pioneer in the art space.

Alotta Money – Remembering the crypto pioneer

Along with being a friendly, supportive voice in the space, he was an exceptional artist. An artist with a unique style, he helped pave the way for others to try new methods. Additionally, he loved helping people on their journey. His art featured in numerous galleries and at events such as NFT Paris. Also, he loved collaborating with other artists.

Image of Alotta Money doing a peace sign

The Crypto community is mourning for the pioneer, renowned for supporting others and his unique wit.

Alotta Money’s artwork is highly sought after. In fact, many consider NFT collectors consider a piece by the iconic French artist a must-have. He was multi-talented, working as a Crypto Artist, Voxels architect, Photoshop Priest, VR&AR Maximalist, and more.

Additionally, the people sharing their love for Phillipe today are Trevor Jones, Beanie, the Museum of Crypto, Pranksy, XCOPY and many others. His death is a massive loss for the community, and he touched many lives.

Messages pour in for the legendary artist

In one poignant post, Trevor Jones wrote – “You will never be forgotten, Phillipe. You, your art and your amazing humour will live on the blockchain and in our hearts forever. You were the light for so many of us in this new NFT frontier. Rest in peace, my friend. I miss you so much already.” Obviously, Alotta Money has affected these people and the broader art community.

art by Alotta Money of a city

Alotta Money called ‘The Dictatorship’ one of his greatest works of art.

Basically, in early February, Alotta Money shared his illness with his Twitter Followers. Sadly, over the last day, it has emerged that he has passed away. Now is the time to reflect on Alotta Money and his glorious art.
Cancer is a terrible disease, and hopefully, we can stop it one day. Macmillan Cancer Support and other charities work to find a cure and support those suffering and their loved ones.
Finally, in one touching video two years ago, Phillipe summarised the NFT space in three words. He said, “Best thing ever.” Let’s keep doing our best to make sure we live up to those words. Rest in peace, Phillipe; your art will live eternally on the blockchain.

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