Alternative Movie Posters and FAN3 Redefine Movie NFTs with AMP Expanded Universe

The global movie poster company Alternative Movie Posters (AMP) will launch innovative NFT collections with FAN3 via Nifty Gateway.


  • FAN3 and AMP are collaborating to release an NFT collection featuring movie poster artists with the theme of ‘Expanded Universe.’
  • The partnership aims to honor and promote movie poster artists through NFTs, providing a new way for fans to engage with digital collectibles.
  • The NFT drop will take place on June 28th via the NFT marketplace Nifty Gateway.
abstract image inspired by the AMP's movie NFT collection

Alternative Movie Posters joins forces with FAN3 and Nifty Gateway for its first movie NFT collection.

How Do AMP and FAN3 Upgrade the Movie NFT Industry?

The popular Web3 platform FAN3 revealed its latest digital collaboration with AMP – the leading movie poster platform. The two will drop an NFT collection featuring three movie poster artists: Scott Balmer, Gustavo Viselner, and retro1sheet.

Each digital artwork follows the collection’s theme: ‘Expanded Universe.’ In fact, AMP is planning to launch future drops that honor and promote movie poster artists through NFTs. Furthermore, this roadmap also paves the way for movie and TV show fans to interact with digital collectibles.

The ‘Expanded Universe’ NFTs drop on June 28th via Nifty Gateway, a long-term collaborator of FAN3.

digital poster of the Expanded Universe NFT collection via Nifty Gateway

The ‘Expanded Universe’ NFT collection will feature three talented poster artists.

What Should You Know About The Nifty Gateway NFT Drop?

Nifty Gateway is among the top NFT marketplaces for collectibles. Additionally, the custodial platform uses Gemini’s custody technology, which means lower gas fees for collectors.

Founded in 2018, the platform has collaborated with iconic brands and NFT projects like Samsung, Cool Cats, and also Pak. Notably, Nifty Gateway also partnered with FAN3 for a collection called ‘INCLUSION.’ The drop featured eight artists promoting the concept of inclusion in today’s fast-paced world. Thanks to FAN3’s collaboration with AMP, the marketplace will also welcome NFT newbies from the film industry into the Web3 space.

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