Animoca Brands & Planet Hollywood To Launch Member-Only Club

A very exclusive Web3 club will open its gates in the heart of Los Angeles. Animoca Brands and Planet Hollywood Group (“Planet Hollywood”), announced the launch of CLUB 3, through their joint venture Meta Hollywood.

An artist's rendition from CLUB3, a members-only club that will open in Los Angeles, by animoca brands

An artist’s rendition of a karaoke room in CLUB3.

What is Meta Hollywood’s CLUB3?

Club3 is a private, members-only club launched by Animoca Brands and “Planet Hollywood” through their joint-venture Meta Hollywood. It will be located on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, California, and will welcome its first guests in the second half of 2023. Ultimately, it intends to become the physical meeting place for the community involved in Web3, NFTs, and open metaverse industries.

The first CLUB3 location will be a 10,000-square-foot facility consisting of diverse dining options, including a main dining room and a rooftop restaurant, along with bars and a cocktail lounge, meeting rooms, karaoke rooms, and other facilities. Moreover, CLUB 3 will offer areas dedicated to special events (community meetups, talks, experiences, seminars, and AMA sessions…).

Ultimately, Animoca Brands and Meta Hollywood plan to expand CLUB3 all around the world. New iterations of the club will pop up in the most prestigious locations, from Paris to New York, Tokyo, Miami, or Hong Kong.

CLUB 3 will be integrating Web3 mechanics into the club’s operations. The community will be involved in collaborative promotions for certain NFT projects and membership holders. Members will also have the possibility to vote on seasonal menus, and specialized perks.

An artist's view from CLUB3, a members-only club for Web3 and movie enthusiasts, by animoca brands

CLUB3 will offer several perks.

What are the Benefits of a CLUB3 Membership?

With Meta Hollywood CLUB3, Animoca Brands and Planet Hollywood will offer Memberships that will be available as mintable NFTs. There will be four options: Founding, Social, Global, and Corporate. They will grant various perks besides access to amenities and connexions with the other members of the club.

The Social Membership is the most basic one. It will provide its owner access to one specific CLUB3 location. The Founding Membership will grant special benefits such as access to a private founders-only lounge and other benefits. It will be limited to a small number of members for each club. The Corporate membership will give access to even more VIP features.

The most prestigious one is the Global Membership, an upgrade to all membership levels. It will give owners access to all CLUB 3 locations around the world.

A waitlist is now available at The one-time membership fees for a Social Membership and a Founding Membership are US$2,500 and US$7,500, respectively. Nonetheless, members can upgrade to a Global Membership for US$1,500.

Meta Hollywood is a community-first ecosystem for entertainment fans and creators, which wants to bridge real-world entertainment experiences and digital assets through NFTs. Therefore, the ambition there is to democratize the entertainment universe and empower movie lovers.

It gives access to a vast collection of over 60,000 movie memorabilia items. Also, users will be granted additional Hollywood IP and utility from Planet Hollywood and Animoca Brand’s established partner network. It will also provide opportunities for creators to share their work, participate in productions, and monetize their talents in both traditional and tokenized economies within a DAO environment for the community. Meta Hollywood has its own HWOOD native token ($HWOOD).

An artist's rendition of a karaoke room in CLUB3 by animoca brands

An artist’s rendition of a karaoke room in CLUB3.

What is Animoca Brands?

The metaverse company Animoca Brands aims to give gamers and Internet users access to digital property rights. Therefore, it wants to create a new asset class, play-to-earn economies, and a more equitable digital framework contributing to the building of the open metaverse.

Animoca Brands announced late last year that they would be setting a framework to protect creator royalties as much as they can. Additionally, they have introduced three new NFT licenses, accessible to all under a creative commons license.

With CLUB3, Meta Hollywood creates a real-life experience connecting the Web3 ecosystem to Hollywood. It will allow members to interact with leaders in the tech field. Moreover, they will connect with movie producers and other short-form content creators. Web3 has never been closer to the movie industry.

“I am proud to be a partner in CLUB 3″, commented Robert Earl, founder, and chairman of the Planet Hollywood Group. “Imagine a club composed of groups of like-minded individuals – the setting is designed to be comfortable with great food, wonderful cocktails, and exciting programming. CLUB 3 is truly international, both in its footprint around the world and its membership base”, says Robert Earl.

According to Yat Siu, co-founder and executive chairman of Animoca Brands, “CLUB 3 will foster and galvanize the broader Web3 community and serve as a launchpad for those wanting to learn more about this new world. Members will interact with the club’s numerous facility perks and experience what Meta Hollywood can offer. With this project communities across the Animoca Brands ecosystem will have access to new possibilities.”

With Meta Hollywood, Animoca Brands takes the Web3 world closer to the movie industry. Entertainment will definitely be one of the hottest fields in the blockchain industry in the next months.

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