Another NFT Influencer HACKED! Bitboy Crypto Twitter Hack

Bitboy Crypto is hacked

Crypto enthusiast and influencer Bitboy’s Twitter account has been hacked! Unfortunately, it has become increasingly common for hackers to seize control of influential individuals’ social media accounts. This concerning trend has affected numerous well-known personalities, causing them to lose control over their own online platforms. Let’s take a closer look at what’s actually happening.


  • Bitboy Crypto, a prominent figure in the crypto community, has been hacked, leading to the promotion of Anti-SEC Scam Tokens.
  • The hacker posted banners on Bitboy’s account depicting SEC Chair Gary Gansler and using explicit language.
  • Unfortunately, Bitboy Crypto is not the only influencer to have their account hacked for scamming purposes.

    Bitboy Crypto is hacked

    Security Breach: Bitboy Crypto’s Account Compromised.

Bitboy Crypto Hacked – Do Not Interact!

Ben Armstrong, known as Bitboy Crypto on Twitter, fell victim to hacking. Significantly, this resulted in the promotion of Anti-SEC Scam Tokens. With a Twitter following of over 1 million users, Bitboy, a popular figure in the crypto community, experienced a security breach on the morning of June 11. During this incident, a hacker took control of Bitboy’s account.

Moreover, the hacker shared multiple banners depicting SEC Chair Gary Gansler as BitBoy. These banners contained explicit language and one of them encouraged users to obtain scam tokens as a means of fighting against Gary Gansler’s influence over the crypto industry. Recently, leading crypto exchanges like Coinbase and Binance have faced criticism from the SEC, causing a stir in the crypto market. The SEC’s actions have raised concerns and sparked debates within the crypto community and beyond.

Bitboy Crypto has taken to YouTube to warn his followers about the hack. He also explained that they are working to get the account back and told his followers to not click any links.

Unfortunately, Bitboy Crypto is the latest influencer to have their account hacked in order to scam followers. Just a few days ago, FranklinIsBored, a well-known crypto whale and NFT influencer, fell victim to a hacking incident. This unfortunate event took place at a crucial moment when Franklin was about to share an important announcement. Additionally, hackers recently targeted Steve Aoki’s Twitter account. Sadly, these incidents resulted in significant financial losses for followers.

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