Arkham Intelligence Watches Trump’s Crypto Wallet Activity

Donald Trump's Alleged Crypto Wallet

Blockchain intelligence firm Arkham Intelligence announces active monitoring of a cryptocurrency wallet it suspects belongs to former President Donald Trump. The firm’s Twitter threads allege that Trump owns a wallet collecting substantial royalties from non-fungible tokens.

Citing financial statements from August 14th, 2023, Arkham points to a cryptocurrency balance of $2,806,341, nearly matching the royalty wallet’s current balance also linked to the “Trump NFT project.”


  • Blockchain firm Arkham Intelligence tracks wallet linked to Trump’s NFT royalties.
  • Trump’s wallet reportedly earns millions in NFT licensing fees and royalties.
  • His NFT collections, “Trump Cards” and “Trump Trading Cards,” generate substantial trading volume.

Donald Trump's Alleged Crypto Wallet

Trump’s Crypto Wallet Under Scrutiny: Here’s What Happened

This investigation follows Trump’s confirmation of a crypto wallet containing up to $5 million in ETH earned from NFT licensing fees. Furthermore, certified 2023 financial disclosures detail $2.8 million income from NFT sales deposited into the wallet. Additionally, Trump reportedly earned $4.9 million from an NFT licensing deal with NFT INT LLC, a company responsible for notable NFT drops.

Trump’s NFT collection, “Trump Cards,” has generated over $26 million in trading volume according to OpenSea. His second collection, “Trump Trading Cards,” launched in August, also sold out rapidly with one-of-one NFTs and autographed cards.

The ownership debate around these NFTs persists. The official Trump Trading Cards website mentions a licensing agreement between CIC Digital LLC and NFT INT LLC for Trump’s likeness. Moreover, funds from the NFTs reportedly won’t fund Trump’s campaign.

An April filing revealed Trump earned up to $1 million from digital trading card sales. The filing also disclosed his substantial earnings. These are from speaking engagements, and his roles in CIC Digital LLC and CIC Ventures LLC.

So, whether Donald Trump may secretly decide to use these funds for his campaign is a matter yet to be seen. In a somewhat weird way, Donald Trump keeps the spirit of NFT and web3 alive. We follow the story as it develops.

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