Zepeto’s ZTX Venture Ignites Metaverse NFT Revolution With $13 Million Seed Round

a picture of characters from the Zepeto metaverse besides the company logo

South Korea’s prominent metaverse hub, Zepeto, embraces the NFT wave with a bold move in collaboration with Jump Crypto – introducing latest ZTX (ZepetoX) platform. As it takes its first steps, the $13 million seed funding round led by venture capital partner Jump Crypto amplifies the platform’s bid to merge blockchain with the metaverse.


  • South Korea’s metaverse leader Zepeto partners with Jump Crypto for NFT-focused ZTX initiative.
  • ZTX secures a $13M seed round to pioneer NFT integration in its expansive metaverse platform.
  • Zepeto aims to enhance crypto adoption by introducing ownership in its 3D environment through NFTs.

a pciture of characters from the Zepeto metaverse besides the company logo

Zepeto’s ZTX Platform Aims To Lead NFT Charge In The Metaverse

Zepeto’s groundbreaking ZTX venture endeavors to bolster crypto adoption by infusing ownership into its 3D domains. The forthcoming Genesis Home Mint this month marks ZTX’s entry. It introduces a collection of exclusive 3D homes available as NFTs on the Ethereum scaling network Arbitrum. These unique residences come bundled with district memberships. Moreover, this in turn unlocks access to forthcoming releases, events, and in-game upgrades.

Venture capital powerhouse Jump Crypto spearheads the funding round. It also secures support from investors like Collab+Currency, Parataxis, MZ Web3 Fund, and Everest Ventures Group. Zepeto is already a mobile-centric sensation valued beyond $1 billion. Further, it positions itself as Asia’s largest “Web2” metaverse platform based on robust user engagement. Ranking as the fourth-largest global metaverse ecosystem, it also shares the stage with gaming giants Roblox, Fortnite, and Minecraft. Naver, a tech titan from South Korea, owns Zepeto, which has attracted an impressive user base of over 400 million since its 2018 launch.

ZTX in the Metaverse

Recent strides showcase ZTX’s determination, with a private beta test paving the way for imminent platform innovation. Collaborations, such as the partnership with Dust Labs, highlight Zepeto’s commitment to community-driven projects. The joint venture, known as Partner Wearables, empowers intellectual property owners to craft 3D assets for integration within the game. Additionally, Chris Jang, co-CEO of ZTX, underlines the platform’s core mission to furnish creators with a robust infrastructure.

ZTX‘s exceptional team also boasts veterans from esteemed institutions like Apple, Roblox, Epic Games, and EA, complemented by blockchain experts with experience on Solana, Flow, and Cosmos networks. As Zepeto steers towards a metaverse intertwined with NFTs, ZTX’s journey continues to reshape the intersection of virtual realms and blockchain possibilities.

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