NAK3D Empowers Digital Fashion with New CEO Kelly Vero

A picture of Digital Fashion company Nak3d’s CEO Kelly Vero

NAK3D, a trailblazing force in the digital fashion landscape, makes a resounding announcement as Kelly Vero steps into the role of CEO. With an impressive background as CTO and a three-decade track record in game development, Vero is poised to drive NAK3D’s vision of seamlessly merging luxury fashion with the digital realm.

In a dual capacity as both CEO and CTO, Kelly Vero takes the reins of a multi-million dollar enterprise. She now oversees operations that span diverse sectors from gaming and ecommerce to web3 and design. At the heart of NAK3D’s innovation lies a platform that transcends traditional boundaries. It also aims to offer the world’s only truly interoperable digital fashion assets. So, let’s take a closer look!


  • Kelly Vero steps in as CEO at NAK3D, merging luxury fashion and digital expertise.
  • NAK3D pioneers interoperable digital fashion assets across gaming, web3, and more.
  • AI-driven designs and collaborations with fashion houses redefine the future of commerce.

A picture of Digital Fashion company Nak3d’s CEO Kelly Vero

NAK3D Unveils New CEO Kelly Vero: Digital Fashion and Gaming Collide!

The convergence of fashion and gaming holds transformative potential, and NAK3D’s paradigm-shifting strategy centers on a single digital fashion piece capable of generating an astounding 40 times revenue for industry trailblazers. Furthermore, the infusion of AI across the creative process fuels the generation of boundary-pushing automated designs. This in turn heralds the future of commerce through a digital, interoperable content marketplace.

In close collaboration with fashion houses, NAK3D also curates elite digital items imbued with distinctive identifiers. Doing this, they foster Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) coherence while also streamlining production.

Kelly Vero’s influence extends globally as she takes center stage at esteemed industry events. Scheduled appearances include:

  • Scottish Games Week on November 3rd,
  • G-Star in Busan, Korea on November 16th, and
  • Luxury Innovation Summit in Geneva this September.
    • This is where NAK3D unveils their exceptional value proposition to a global assembly of luxury brand luminaries.

Reflecting on her new role, Kelly Vero also states “This venture encapsulates one of the most captivating and financially promising opportunities, uniting gaming and fashion at the crossroads of data and boundless creativity. I eagerly await the chance to share NAK3D’s narrative with the world’s foremost stages.

Under the leadership of Kelly Vero, the NAK3D team stands poised to redefine the nexus of technology, creativity, and commerce within digital fashion. In conclusion, their commitment to innovation is set to make an enduring impact on the realms of gaming and fashion.

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