Check Out This Mutant Ape’s Debut Phygital Fashion Project: House of Guccheeta!

picture of Mutant Ape Yacht Club members NFT PFP alongside debut fashion phygital collection

Ape in to this Mutant’s Phygital Fashion vision! In a groundbreaking fusion of art, fashion, and blockchain technology, House of Guccheetah gears up to launch its inaugural phygital creation. The project introduces a new dimension to the world of NFTs and web3 culture.

This exciting development stems from the profound collaboration between Yuga Labs and Gucci, reigniting the creative passion of the audacious Mutant Ape Guccheetah and propelling him to establish his innovative web3 brand.


  • NFT Fashion Fusion: House of Guccheetah merges NFTs and fashion, inspired by Yuga Labs’ collaboration with Gucci.
  • House OG Debut: From BAYC passion to Mutant Ape ownership, Guccheetah unveils House OG, a celebration of web3 culture.
  • Phygital Unleashed: On August 31st, a Hawaiian shirt drops, blending authenticity, Mutant Ape aesthetics, and web3 vibes.

picture of Mutant Ape Yacht Club members NFT PFP alongside debut fashion phygital collection

Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC) First Phygital Fashion Stack

Diving into the history, Guccheetah’s profound affinity for fashion took root early in his life, guiding him towards a remarkable endeavor. Moreover, the vision to meld the captivating realm of the Bored Ape Yacht Club with his personal creative flair is a relentless pursuit since 2021.

I was drawn to the artistic brilliance and intellectual property potential of BAYC. It was a catalyst that ignited my determination to breathe life into its essence through my unique lens.” Guccheetah shares.

After years of dedication, Guccheetah’s odyssey led him to the “swamp”. This metaphorical space is where his creative vision merges harmoniously with his Mutant Ape. Then, on April 9th, 2023, Guccheetah secured Mutant Ape #3549, an embodiment of creativity and individuality. This is a five-trait M2 cheetah-fur primate. The NFT also boasts captivating 3D eyes, a seemingly bored cigarette mouth, and an iconic Hawaiian shirt.

The synergy between Guccheetah’s inspiration and Yuga’s collaboration with Gucci lays the foundation for the House of Guccheetah brand.

House OG: House Of Gucceetah’s Premium Promise

House OG signifies the House of Guccheetah, yet it’s a collective representation of web3 OGs within the yacht club community. Our shared culture necessitates authentic expression, and I am eager to unveil what I have in store.” Guccheetah affirms.

The much-anticipated release from House of Guccheetah, the first-ever phygital creation, is poised to captivate onlookers on August 31st. A striking Hawaiian shirt that also rocks a distinctive ‘Halo Chip’ within its label, becomes a tangible testament to authenticity and chain validation.

Furthermore, intricate nods to the Mutant Ape Yacht Club design that kindled the shirt’s inception are interwoven. The shirt celebrates a fusion of creativity and innovation. To embark on this riveting journey alongside Guccheetah, collectors and connoisseurs can acquire the ‘OG Token – Genesis Edition.’

Finally, this exclusive NFT also stands as a tribute to the pioneering OGs who have played an indispensable role in shaping House OG’s genesis. The token also unlocks access to rare releases and unforeseen surprises. Moreover it ushering participants into the enchanting realm where couture harmonizes seamlessly with web3 culture. For those intrigued by Guccheetah’s artistic evolution, claiming the coveted OG token is an essential step. So, expect updates as this narrative continues to unfold.

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