Bed Intruder Song Sells For 6 ETH on Foundation NFT Marketplace

Bed Intruder Song

An NFT version of the famous Bed Intruder Song meme has sold to @richerd for just over 6 ETH on the Foundation NFT Marketplace. The price of that at the time of writing is currently $17,000.

Bed Intruder Song

Antoine Dodson was interviewed by a local news station, which created the original Bed Intruder Song and meme.

Bed Intruder Song NFT Sale

Antoine Dodson was interviewed for a local news station, and he said “hide yo kids, hide yo wife” after a criminal, titled ‘Bed Intruder’ was caught for an attack in Madison County, Alabama, which saw a man in Kelly Dodson’s bed. This became a meme and has been used in videos since its release in the early 2010s. After the original meme, a song was created titled ‘Bed Intruder Song’. This song was released on August 6th, 2010 and was written by Antoine Dodson and The Gregory Brothers. The original music video went mega-viral, becoming YouTube’s most popular video of 2010. Now, the view count sits at over 151 million views.

Now, Dodson has taken advantage of his prior fame by releasing an NFT on the Foundation platform. The NFT sold yesterday for over 6 ETH or $17,000 to NFT celebrity/influencer, Richerd. This NFT is a 1/1, so is the only version that will exist. Notably, on Foundation earnings can be split, in this case, 30% went to the Gregory Brothers, 40% to Antoine Dodson and 30% to another unnamed wallet.


About the Foundation Platform

Foundation is an Ethereum-based NFT marketplace that launched in 2021. As a platform, they aim to build a new creator economy where creators can use the blockchain to value their work in new ways, as well as build stronger connections with their fans. Notably, the platform is invite-only, and to create, you must receive an invite from another creator. The platform recommends those who want to get onto the platform to build supportive friendships with other community members. Foundation has grown massively, particularly in the 1/1 artwork space within NFTs, and they have over 282,000 followers on Twitter.

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