Beeple’s Artistic Triumph: NFT Icon Snags First-Ever PFP CryptoPunk!

Beeple's first ever PFP - cryptopunk #4593

Beeple, the mastermind behind the most expensive NFT ever sold, just made a groundbreaking move by purchasing his very first PFP NFT — CryptoPunk #4593! On a chill Tuesday afternoon, Beeple snagged the punk for a cool 113.7 ETH, which translates to ~$208,000. It’s crazy to think that not long ago, Beeple tweeted about wanting a punk, admitting he’d never bought a PFP before. Talk about a big moment!


  • Beeple, the artist behind the priciest NFT, bought his first-ever profile picture (PFP) CryptoPunk #4593 for $208,000.
  • The punk is a rare find with standout traits like a mohawk, clown green eyes, and a red clown nose.
  • Beeple expresses awe at how this innovative artwork spawned an entire NFT asset class, marking a significant moment in the digital art world.

Beeple's first ever PFP - cryptopunk #4593

Beeple’s First Ever PFP NFT – Cryptopunk #4593

After some crowd-sourcing for punk traits, Beeple’s fellow CryptoPunks pal, Noah Davis, spilled the beans on their text conversation about the NFT purchase. The punk Beeple picked is an absolute rarity. It sports a mohawk, clown green eyes, and the rarest trait of all—a red clown nose! This trait is found in only 2% of Punks. Now that’s one exclusive digital artwork!

In a nifty twist, the punk was previously owned by collector Twill, who got it for 109 ETH when ether was at $3,000, meaning Twill took a considerable hit when selling it. But hey, Beeple’s got a knack for recognizing gems in the digital art world, so he’s got this!

Beeple is no stranger to the digital art scene. Having opened a studio in Charleston, South Carolina, fostering connections between creators and collectors. His renowned Human One sculpture, previously sold for a jaw-dropping $29 million, is currently on exhibit at the Crystal Bridges Museum in Arkansas. The man is an art wizard!

So, what did Beeple have to say about his monumental purchase? He expressed immense gratitude for the warm reception to his “lal’ dude”. Moreover, he feels incredibly fortunate as part of this extraordinary community. For Beeple, this Cryptopunk represents a long-awaited moment in the NFT world. This is an insane story that started with an innovative artwork given away years ago, which then evolved into an entire asset class.

Beeple sees it as a historic work that revolutionized both technology and art. He is a witness to how this project changed the game of identity and ownership. Its influence on NFTs and the entire space is undeniable. He’s pumped to connect with more members of this incredible community. He also promises exciting times ahead!

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