Bill Murray’s Biographical NFT Collection On Coinbase Sold Out

Bill Murray 1000 collection

American actor, writer and comedian Billy Murray dropped his debut NFT collection on the Coinbase NFT platform on July 15. The NFTs, costing 1.5 ETH apiece, are already sold out. While only the first 81 NFTs have launched, the remaining NFTs of the 1000-NFT collection will drop soon. Here’s all you need to know about the Bill Murray NFT collection.

Bill Murray 1000 collection

The first 81 NFTs of the Bill Murray 1000 collection are now sold out. Credit: Coinbase

What is the Bill Murray NFT collection?

Called Bill Murray 1000, Bill Murray’s NFT collection is a unique biographical NFT project that tells the story of the iconic actor, comedian, and writer. Bill collaborated with theCHIVE and Project Venkman to bring the collection to life. 

Essentially, the collection includes 100 story NFTs featuring anecdotes, observations, advice, memories, “Murray-isms”, and more. The stories cover a range of topics from Bill’s incredible life. This includes how Hunter S. Thompson saved Bill’s life and the day he met future US President, John F. Kennedy.

What’s more, Bill and his son, Jackson, personally reviewed, edited, and approved every single story NFT in the collection. 

“They also worked closely with author John Resig to add context to the stories we all know and love, while also contributing dozens of stories few have ever heard,” says Coinbase. “Each of the 100 story NFTs features a unique design inspired by the story, and each original story/design combination is available in nine additional colorways.”

What exactly do the NFTs offer?

Firstly, the Bill Murray NFTs offer “something special” to each collector. The NFT artwork, meanwhile, features a photo-realistic, large, acrylic-on-canvas portrait of Bill by artist David Grizzle. 

Moreover, the team will auction the physical artwork as well as the digital Bill Murray 1000 NFT #000 next month. They will also donate all proceeds from the auction to charity. Apart from this, a part of the proceeds from the collection’s community incentives pool will also support multiple charities of Bill’s choice.

Bill Murray NFT art

A Life Well Lived NFT from the collection. Credit: Coinbase

In addition, the NFT holders will get access to one-of-a-kind, in-person events with Bill. Rare, engraved silver coins, exclusive merchandise, and membership in The Shack—a Discord community of fans of the 71-year-old actor are some of the other perks. 

How can you get a Bill Murray NFT?

As previously mentioned, the first 81 NFTs of the collection are now sold out. Coinbase will soon launch more drops, including one this week. Therefore, stay tuned and keep an eye on Coinbase’s social media channels to know the next drop dates. Make sure to grab the NFTs before they are sold out. Alternatively, you can buy some of the Bill Murray NFTs right away from the secondary market. 

An NFT enthusiast, Bill Murray was recently in the news for buying a DeadFellaz NFT. His DeadFellaz #5778 cost 1.5 ETH.  

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