BONK Investors Eye ATH; BlockDAG & Memeinator Lead Presales

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The crypto market is currently undergoing a correction, resulting in a downturn for most tokens, particularly affecting meme coins, with BONK experiencing a 12.33% decline over the past week. Despite this setback, BONK investors remain optimistic, anticipating a price rally once the market correction concludes. Meanwhile, in the presale arena, BlockDAG (BDAG) and Memeinator are touted as the some of the best presales cryptos to buy for this year.

Good News for BONK Investors

On March 4, BONK soared to its all-time high at $0.00004704,  but it retreated to $0.00002243 at press time, down by 12.33% over the past week. Despite this setback, BONK investors remain optimistic, as BONK price is still riding a strong uptrend, up by a staggering 91.68% over the past month. With the rally expected to continue once the market correction concludes,  Bonk could surpass its current high in the weeks ahead.

Memeinator Presale Draws to a Close

The Memeinator presale is nearing its conclusion, with over 96% of its tokens already sold. This project seeks to leverage the popularity of meme coins such as BONK, PEPE, and SHIB, focusing on providing entertainment instead of promising utility.

With the imminent release of the Meme Warfare game, players will enjoy a retro-style shoot-em-up experience, battling against rival meme tokens as the Memeinator. Furthermore, the MMTR token introduces deflationary tokenomics and a staking program, aiming to mirror the successful price trends of other notable meme tokens like Dogwifhat and Smog.

BlockDAG Tops Lists of The Best Presale Cryptos to Buy for 2024

BlockDAG (BDAG), a newcomer to the presale market, has quickly drawn significant investor interest with its impactful debut on the digital screens of Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo, raising $7.8M so far in its presale. With an ambitious goal of $600M by the end of 2024, BlockDAG is advancing rapidly, now in its fourth presale batch.

Priced at $0.0025 currently, with plans to increase to $0.05 at launch, BDAG offers a potential 1900% return on investment for early investors. This extraordinary ROI potential has attracted crypto whales, keen on capitalizing on the early bird prices.

BlockDAG’s hybrid consensus mechanism not only promotes energy conservation and reduces environmental harm, but it also establishes BlockDAG as a frontrunner in eco-friendly cryptocurrency mining, significantly surpassing its rivals. The launch of the X Series Miners, especially the models X1, X30, and X100, underscores BlockDAG’s dedication to offering effective mining options for various devices.

In response to the overwhelming early investor interest and the $7.8M raised quickly, BlockDAG, which is currently priced at $0.002, has announced a $2 million mega giveaway for 50 lucky community members. To participate in the giveaway, participants are required to follow BlockDAG’s social media channels, submit their wallet address, increase winning chances by completing all quests, and invite friends for additional entries.

In Summary

Despite a recent downturn in the crypto market affecting meme coins like BONK, which saw a 12.33% decline, BONK investors are optimistic about a price rally, with BONK potentially surpassing its all-time high soon. In the presale domain, BlockDAG (BDAG) and Memeinator are making waves, with BDAG raising $7.7M and Memeinator nearing the end of its presale

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