Clarins Precious Unveils First Collection of 325 NFTs and Immersive AR Experiences!

The Clarins Precious NFT featuring an hourglass.

Clarins Precious is set to launch their first collection of 325 NFTs and exhilarating AR experiences! Each NFT in the collection is a unique work of art that you can own and display in your digital collection. Moreover, the immersive AR experiences allow you to explore the world of Clarins in a whole new way. Clarins is bringing the future of beauty to your fingertips, let’s dive in!

The Clarins Precious NFT featuring an hourglass.

Clarins Precious is the skincare line’s first NFT collection.

Experience the Future of Skincare

Get ready to be among the first to experience the future of skincare with the Clarins Precious NFT collection! ALTAVA Group and two influential female digital artists, Ada Sokół and Ines Alpha, co-created the collection to celebrate the launch of the skincare line. Ada Sokół and Ines Alpha are notably two of the most cutting-edge designers in the Web3 world. Significantly, this NFT collection is the skincare brand’s first move toward entering the metaverse.

The key ingredient in the actual skincare collection is the elusive Moonlight Flower cryoextract. Markedly, this is derived from a flower that blooms only one night a year for a few hours. This flower is so rare that it is harvested by hand when it reaches its full molecular richness and potency. Basically, the anti-oxidant cryoextract is extremely rare and is exclusive to Clarins Precious.

The Clarins Precious AR filter on Instagram celebrating the rare Moonlight flower

The morphing AR filter celebrates the Moonlight Flower and its properties.

Immerse yourself in the world of Clarins Precious

Clarins Precious NFT Collection drops on March 7th and uses the polygon blockchain and Magic Eden marketplace. The collection of 325 artworks tells the story of Clarins Precious through animated images focused on an hourglass. Additionally, each NFT unlocks exclusive rewards like products, personalized consultations, and virtual experiences. VIP holders also have the chance to get their hands on one-of-a-kind rewards with four ultra-rare NFTs.

On March 21st, Clarins Precious will launch an “AS RARE AS YOU” filter for Instagram. This AR experience combines nature and technology to generate ethereal effects and shows the rare and radiant results of the skincare range. The filter will morph once a day, at the “magic hour,” like the rare blooming of the Moonlight Flower. Get ready to experience the future of skincare and immerse yourself in the world of Clarins Precious.

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