CryptoPunks NFT Punk #7804 Fetches Over $16M in Recent Ethereum Deal

Punk #7804

The once-hot NFTs witnessed a significant downturn during the crypto winter. But this sector again appears to have bounced back following the widespread rebound of digital assets.

While Ethereum experienced a decline in value this week, it had previously reached its highest price in over two years. Despite this market fluctuation, the sale of the CryptoPunks NFT demonstrates that there are still individuals willing to invest substantial sums in digital assets within the Ethereum ecosystem.

Blue-Skinned Punk Fetches $16.42M

Punk #7804, part of the exclusive Ethereum NFT collection featuring only nine Alien Punks, exchanged hands for a staggering 4,850 ETH on March 20th. This is equivalent to approximately $16.42 million at the time of the sale and marks the second-largest transaction in CryptoPunks history, both in terms of ETH and USD.

This exchange closely follows another similar sale of Alien Punk #3100, which fetched 4,500 ETH, valued at $16.03 million, earlier this month. The piece, which is among the nine Alien Punks in the CryptoPunks collection, is one of the rarest and most expensive sets and features blue skin and a bandana.

The identity of the purchaser remains undisclosed, mirroring the anonymity of the previous buyer. However, the individual who sold Punk #7804, having acquired it in 2021 for 4,200 ETH, for over $7.50 million at the time, expressed regret on Twitter for not “elevating” the profile of the Punk during their ownership.

CryptoPunks Journey So Far

CryptoPunks was launched in June 2017 by the Larva Labs studio. The right to the NFT collection was later acquired by Yuga Labs, the creators behind the popular Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) project, for an undisclosed sum. To mark the sixth anniversary in June 2023, Yuga Labs teamed up with Zak Group to produce a book containing official documentation of the NFT collection.

Final Thoughts

The sale of the CryptoPunks NFT for $16 million reaffirms the enduring allure and value of digital assets within the Ethereum ecosystem. Despite market fluctuations, such transactions highlight the evolving landscape of NFTs and their significance within the broader crypto economy.

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