DeLabs Challenges Conventions: “Roadmaps are Stupid” in New Website

DeLabs, the creator of profile-picture NFT projects DeGods and Yoots, has launched a new website that challenges conventional approaches. Let’s dive in. 


  • DeLabs unveils a new website ahead of DeGods Season III and yoots2 expansion, challenging conventional approaches.
  • The website takes a unique stance, rejecting traditional roadmaps and offering alternative ways to showcase plans, sparking excitement among community members who search for hidden surprises and clues for NFT holders.
  • Teasers hint at upcoming features, including potential female DeGod avatars and modifications to the gamified DUST token model. DeLabs also explores IP rights for NFT holders, collaborating with legal experts to develop a new ownership framework. 
Still from DeGods NFT

A New Facebook-Inspired Website Launched by DeGods NFT

DeGods NFT Facebook-Inspired Website

Significantly, the new DeGods Facebook-inspired website launch has happened ahead of DeGods Season III and yoots2 expansion in July 2023. The website which resembles the early days of Facebook, has been dubbed “performance art” by DeLabs founder Rohun “Frank” Vora. Differing from the typically written roadmap, the website boldly states, “Roadmaps are stupid,” presenting an alternative way of showing their plans. 

This unconventional approach has sparked excitement among community members. Teasers and hints on the website suggest that DeLabs might introduce female DeGod avatars in Season III. It is also hinted that they might make changes to their gamified DUST token model. Additionally, they are looking for a fresh perspective on NFT holders’ intellectual property (IP) rights, aiming to expand current models. The proposed IP rights would enable NFT holders to become official brand license holders, offering a novel approach to ownership. 

Having gained a dedicated community through events and social connections, DeGods became the most valuable NFT project on the Solana blockchain in 2022. This success led to the launch of Yoots. However, both projects changed to different blockchain networks, with DeGods moving to Ethereum and Yoots changing to Polygon.

Despite recent price changes, DeGods NFTs currently have a floor price of around $14,632 on secondary markets, while Yoots NFTs have a floor price of around $2,839. So, as DeLabs continues to innovate, the future holds exciting possibilities for the DeGods and Yoots projects.

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