These 10 NFT Projects are Still Surviving the Bear Market!

It is no secret that we are in the midst of one of the worst bear markets ever. ‘Blue chip’ NFT projects are down, and mid-tier NFT projects are also ‘bleeding’, but there are 10 collections that are soaring against the odds. So, here are the 10 NFT projects that are surviving the bear market.


  • Despite the bear market, 10 NFT projects are thriving, including The Captainz, Milady, and MVPs by Memeland.
  • These projects have seen significant price increases and have strong floor prices, indicating high demand.
  • The surviving projects likely have strategies that encourage holders to retain their NFTs, setting them apart from struggling projects.
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10 Top NFT Projects That Are Surviving The Bear Market

The Top 10 NFT Projects That are Surviving the Bear Market

While we weather one of the most brutal Web3 bear markets ever, and the first NFT bear market, the majority of projects are struggling to survive. For example, take a look at Bored Ape Yacht Club or Azuki’s decline in floor price and community sentiment. However, amongst the ‘blood on the streets’, 10 projects flourish.

#1  The Captainz by Memeland 

The Captainz is a collection of 9,999 utility-enabled PFPs that feature rarity-powered traits inspired by pirates, internet memes, and pop culture. It is the premier NFT collection of Memeland. Significantly, the floor price recently experienced a 22% climb before it retraced. Now, it holds strong at a floor price of 5.37 ETH according to NFTpricefloor.

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The Captainz Price Chart

#2 Milady

Milady Maker is a collection of 10,000 generative profile-picture NFTs in a neochibi aesthetic inspired by street-style tribes. A little while ago, the price ‘skyrocketed’ 304% after Elon Musk Tweeted a Milady Meme. After a cool-off period and correction, the floor price currently sits at a solid 2.71 ETH according to NFTpricefloor.

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Milady Maker Price Chart

#3 MVPs by Memeland

The “You The Real MVP” (MVP) collection in Memeland is the earliest, smallest, and most expensive. It consists of 420 mythical gold trophies bearing the inscription “In i dór -o i greatest memes lies i greatest mír,” which translates to “In the Land of the Greatest Memes lies the Greatest Treasure.” What’s more, the floor price is up 874% and sits at an impressive 50.667 ETH according to NFTpricefloor.

Still from MVP (top nft projects)

You The Real MVP Price Chart

#4 Topia Worlds

Previously NFT Worlds, Topia is a collaborative and independent video game built by various members of a community who have been at the forefront of Minecraft’s modding and third-party games ecosystem for the past decade. Topia is up by 179% and currently has a floor price of 1.73 ETH according to NFTpricefloor.

Still from Topia

TOPIA Worlds Price Chart

#5 OnChainMonkey

The OnChainMonkey Genesis collection consists of 10,000 Ethereum NFT profile pictures that depict monkeys. Each monkey is made up of a combination of seven traits: fur, mouth, eyes, clothes, hat, earring, and background. Again, OnChainMonkey has climbed by 44% and sits at a floor price of 1.28 ETH according to NFTpricefloor.

Still from OnChainMonkeys

OnChainMonkey Price Chart

#6 0n1 Force

The 0N1 Force NFT collection is 7,777 generative side-profile characters with over 100 hand-drawn features fighting for their existence. Strength, spirit, and style are what you’ll need to survive in The Ethereal Enclave. Furthermore, its floor price is up by 118% and is currently at 1.3 ETH according to NFTpricefloor.

Still from 0N1

0N1 Force Price Chart

#7 Opepen Edition (Opepen)

Significantly, the art-based project, Opepen is a collection of 16,000 open-edition NFTs by the notable Jack Butcher, and the artwork changes over a series of drops and reveals. Opepen was the biggest rocket of the year with its 30,426% climb, placing it at a current floor price of 0.57 ETH according to NFTpricefloor.

Still from Opepem

Opepen Edition Price Chart

#8 Neo Tokyo Part 2: Vault Cards

Neo Tokyo Part 2 Vault Cards are a part of YouTubers Alex Becker and Elliotrades Neo Tokyo Identities Metaverse game, where NFT avatars will represent characters in the NEO Tokyo Metaverse. In addition, being a part of the Neo-Tokyo ecosystem, it’s destined to do well. Collectively, it has had a 253% price increase and currently sits at a floor of 3.49 ETH according to NFTpricefloor.

Still from NT

Neo Tokyo Part 2: Vault Cards Price Chart

#9 Checks VV Edition (Checks)

Checks is an open-edition NFT collection created by visual artist Jack Butcher. Inspired by the iconic Twitter verification checkmark, each NFT features 80 checks in a mesmerizing 8×10 grid pattern. This collection also experienced incredible gains, ‘mooning’ 26,371% this year. Since then, it has retraced and currently has a floor price of 0.46 ETH according to NFTpricefloor.

Still from Checks

Checks – VV Edition Price Chart

#10 Redacted Remilio Babies

Last but not least, Redacted Remilio Babies is a collection of 10,000 neochibi profile-picture NFTs expanding the Milady Maker paradigm with the introduction of young J.I.T. energy and schizophrenic reactionary aesthetics. Earlier this year, the project had an increase of %1,347 before correcting. However, it still holds a strong floor price of 0.46 at present according to NFTpricefloor.

Still from Redacted

Redacted Remilio Babies Price Chart

How are these Top NFT Projects Surviving?

Finally, there we have it, the 10 top NFT projects that are still surviving the bear market. Why are they surviving? Well, seeing how the value of an NFT is determined strictly by supply and demand, these projects must be doing things that encourage their holders to hold. Clearly, this is something that many other projects are struggling to achieve currently. Moreover, as we continue to go through this bear market, there is likely more pain to come. So, brace yourself, exercise caution, and check back regularly to stay one step ahead.

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