Digital Van Gogh and More: Explore Art in the Met Museum’s Roblox Realm

Roblox characters in the Met Museum

The Met Museum arrives on Roblox! The Metropolitan Museum of Art has embarked on a captivating endeavor to bridge the gap between traditional art appreciation and the digital world. With the launch of a quest-based app and a remarkable presence within the Roblox gaming platform, the Met reaches out to a younger generation where they already reside, fostering a fresh and exciting relationship with art.


  • The Metropolitan Museum engages younger audiences by launching a quest-based app and a virtual presence on Roblox.
  • Users can accessorize their avatars with digital replicas of famous artworks, creating an innovative bridge between art and gaming.
  • The “Replica” app, in collaboration with Verizon, guides visitors to specific artworks. This provides an augmented reality experience and allows the integration of digital wearables into the Roblox platform.

Roblox characters in the Met Museum

Roblox & The Met Museum Collab, New Sparks For Art Quests

In this unique collaboration between Roblox and the Met, users can now adorn their avatars with digital replicas of famous artworks. This even includes the iconic Van Gogh’s straw hat. Moreover, these virtual wearables, while not necessarily the fashion statements of Gucci’s digital offerings, hold immense cultural significance. Furthermore, this novel initiative aims to tap into the fascination of today’s youth with gaming. This also allows them to engage with art in a digital and interactive manner.

The heart of this engagement lies within the “Replica” app. This app is developed in collaboration with Verizon, offering an augmented reality experience. To clarify, the app serves as a guide, leading visitors to 37 carefully selected artworks spread across the museum, all of which can be explored by scanning the actual pieces. This approach transcends the limitations of the physical realm, granting users access to art pieces that may be difficult or impossible to interact with in person.

What truly sets this initiative apart is the integration of rewards and immersive experiences. Visitors who scan physical works, ranging from a 16th-century Japanese helmet to Van Gogh’s iconic “Self-Portrait,” also gain digital wearables for their Roblox avatars. Additionally, within the Roblox platform, the Met has recreated its own space. This allows players to showcase their acquired items within museum-style display cases, alongside historically significant scenes. Finally, this a masterful example of leveraging technology to open up the world of art to new demographics.

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