Zed Run Expands Horizons with Sit ‘n’ Go Tournaments: No Qualification Needed!

Zed Run Sit N Go Tournament Poster
Zed Run, the cutting-edge Web3 horse racing phenomenon, has introduced an exciting innovation in the form of sit ‘n’ go tournaments, set to launch in September. This new feature allows equestrian enthusiasts to dive right into the thrilling action without the need for a qualification process. This makes it an ideal option for those with limited time. Players simply need to place their bets at the beginning of the tournament and watch as their trusty horses compete for victory.
  • Zed Run, a leading Web3 horse racing game, introduces sit ‘n’ go tournaments in September.
  • Players can join the action without the need to qualify, making it accessible for time-limited individuals.
  • Three tiers of tournaments with varying entry fees and payouts, expanding the game’s reach.

Zed Run Sit N Go Tournament Poster

Zed Run’s Sit & Go: Lowering The Barriers To NFT Racing

Zed Run introduces three tiers of Sit ‘n’ Go tournaments. each with varying levels of risk and corresponding entry prices. Furthermore, the larger participant pool in tournaments will result in lower entry fees, directly linked to the odds of winning. Initially, Zed Run is offering two types of tournaments for stable owners:
  • 192 horses will race in three rounds, with an entry fee of $2.5. The top three horses in each round will be rewarded.
  • 48 horses will race in three rounds, with an entry fee of $5. The top six horses in each round will receive prizes.
  • 16 horses will compete in four rounds, with an entry fee of $15. Each race will be a head-to-head match, and the ‘winner takes all’ payout structure will be in place.
Since its debut in 2019 on the Web3 scene, Zed Run has made remarkable progress, establishing itself as the premier blockchain-based racing game. To clarify, players from around the globe can engage in competition using their digital NFT horses and have the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency-based rewards.
Finally, the introduction of the Sit ‘n’ Go tournaments provides a convenient and exciting option for those who may not have the time to qualify for traditional tournaments. This state-of-the-art racing experience is more accessible to a wider audience than ever before.

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