Jack Butcher’s Infinity Checks NFTs: Glitch Forces Refunds to Collectors

black screen with green graphics, one of the nfts to be refunded

Last week, Jack Butcher and Visualize Value released ‘Infinity Checks’, only to ensure all NFTs were refunded due to a technical glitch. Let’s take a closer look at this unfortunate turn of events.


  • Technical glitch hits Infinity Checks NFT project, causing full refunds for all NFTs.
  • ‘RegenerateMany’ function glitch acknowledged by Butcher and Jalil, who take responsibility.
  • Infinity Checks aimed for stability with fixed price, allowing refunds as artwork lifecycle ends.\

black screen with green graphics, one of the nfts to be refunded


All NFTs Refunded in Infinity Checks Glitch

A technical glitch has struck at the heart of Jack Butcher’s recent NFT project, Infinity Checks, resulting in the unfortunate loss of all invested funds. As a precautionary measure, the team has temporarily suspended the associated website. Furthermore, a thorough investigation is currently underway to address the issue.

‘RegenerateMany,’ intended to enhance visual rerolls, was the cause of the bug. Acknowledging their oversight, both Butcher and his collaborator, Jalil, have taken responsibility for the mishap. In response, they have made a public announcement regarding their decision to provide full reimbursements to all collectors affected by the incident.

Renowned in decentralized and digital art circles, Butcher leverages Visualize Value to curate groundbreaking NFT collections like Opepen and Checks. The latest addition to his portfolio, Infinity Checks, aimed to establish a balance between artistic expression and financial value. Unlike typical NFT projects and their rapid price fluctuations, the team designed Infinity Checks to maintain stability.

Priced at a consistent 0.008 ETH ($15), this unique approach sought to counteract the trend of hasty asset reselling. By securing the minting ETH within the smart contract, collectors could refund their asset once the artwork reached its end-of-life stage.

While the glitch has brought challenges for the project, Butcher and Jalil’s prompt response showcases their commitment to their audience. This incident provides valuable insights for NFT curators. Furthermore, it highlights the importance of creating robust and dependable ecosystems that benefit collectors, artists, and enthusiasts alike. The team quickly reacted, processing all refunds, including gas.

As the Infinity Checks project navigates this setback, the community can take away lessons on issue resolution and transparent communication.

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