Jack Butcher Strikes Again: Custom ThreadGuy Opepen Edition Breaks the Internet

For the Culture: How ThreadGuy's Story Ignited a Movement in the NFT Community

If you have been on Twitter in the last 36 hours, then you will have seen the ThreadGuy Opepen mania. It seems that NFT artist Jack Butcher’s act of kindness has sparked a frenzy in the Web3 community! Butcher’s gesture, which involved launching a custom ThreadGuy Opepen edition NFT in honor of NFT influencer ThreadGuy, has not only showcased the true power of the NFT culture but also emphasized the importance of uplifting fellow creators. Let’s take a closer look!


  • Butcher surprised ThreadGuy by creating a custom Opepen image for him, sparking excitement in the Web3 community.
  • Other creators and collectors followed suit, creating their own stylized versions of Opepen, fostering a sense of camaraderie.
  • The launch of the Opepen Threadition allowed anyone to join the movement, with proceeds supporting ThreadGuy’s contributions.
  • The impact of Butcher’s gesture extended beyond the NFT community, even reaching renowned artist Beeple.
For the Culture: How ThreadGuy's Story Ignited a Movement in the NFT Community

For the Culture: How ThreadGuy’s Story Ignited a Movement in the NFT Community.

Unveiling the Custom Opepen: How ThreadGuy’s Influence Inspired a Community Movement

So, let’s dive into what actually happened. The story began with Jack Butcher‘s popular Opepen project, known for its Pepe the Frog-inspired collection. Markedly, one particular collector, Bored Elon, emerged as a dedicated supporter, becoming the top holder of Opepen NFTs. Subsequently, ThreadGuy, recognized for his Mutant Ape avatar, generated discussions within the NFT space about possibly changing his profile picture to an Opepen.

Then, in an unexpected turn of events, Butcher took the initiative to create a custom Opepen image exclusively for ThreadGuy. Crafted in Butcher’s distinctive geometric style, the Opepen featured colours inspired by ThreadGuy’s Mutant Ape, resulting in a unique collaboration that brought together two influential figures in the NFT community.

The unveiling of the custom Opepen triggered a surge of enthusiasm throughout the Web3 space. Other creators and collectors were inspired to create their own stylized versions of Opepen. Thus, further amplifying the sense of camaraderie and support within the community. In essence, this organic response demonstrated the deep-rooted goodwill that exists within the NFT culture.

Butcher’s act of kindness also paved the way for the launch of the Opepen Threadition. Significantly, this is an open edition collection that allowed anyone to participate in the excitement. Priced at 0.001 ETH (~$2) each, the Threadition sales were dedicated to supporting ThreadGuy as a token of gratitude for his contributions to the Web3 community. The overwhelming response and funds raised during the sale underscored the community’s willingness to recognize and appreciate creators.

Celebrating Creativity and Collaboration: The Impact of Butcher's Custom Opepen

Celebrating Creativity and Collaboration: The Impact of Butcher’s Custom Opepen

Community, Kindness, and NFTs

The impact of Butcher’s gesture reverberated beyond the NFT community. Even Beeple, a renowned NFT artist, acknowledged the significance of the moment, leading Butcher to create a custom Opepen edition for him as well as ThreadGuy. The tagline “for the culture” gained traction, symbolizing the collective spirit and shared values of the Web3 community.

Ultimately, the events surrounding ThreadGuy, Bored Elon, and Jack Butcher showcased how kind the NFT space can be. This outpouring of support and camaraderie brought joy and excitement to the community. Additionally, it importantly highlighted the importance of creators receiving recognition and reward for their contributions. As the NFT space continues to evolve, it is heartening to witness moments like these that emphasize the power of community, kindness, and the intrinsic value of the NFT culture.

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