Empowering LGBTQ+ Diversity: Meta Queens & Prohibition Art’s Innovative Partnership

screenshots of drag LGBTQ art by meta queens on the prohibition marketplace

In a groundbreaking move, Meta Queens has partnered with Prohibition Art, a leading generative art platform, to champion LGBTQ+ voices in the digital world. This collaboration is envisioned by founders Matt Arnold (Meta Queens) and Jordan Lyall (Prohibition Art). The Meta Queens project redefines inclusivity in the tech and art sectors.

Meta Queens, under Arnold’s leadership, focuses on creating a nurturing environment for queer and trans digital artists. Their mission is to provide education, inspiration, and a sense of belonging in the tech world. This partnership with Prohibition Art also takes this commitment a step further, blending art with advocacy.

screenshots of drag LGBTQ art by meta queens on the prohibition marketplace

Supporting LGBTQ+ Non-Profits: A New Era of Inclusivity & Representation

Lyall emphasizes the partnership’s role in promoting diversity beyond technological boundaries. It aims to integrate diverse identities into the digital art community, transforming it into a symbol of acceptance and diversity celebration.

The project launched on Prohibition.Art on November 16th. The generative art collection aims to raise awareness and funds for LGBTQIA+ non-profits like Trans Tech Social and Outright International. This initiative bridges technology with social causes, reflecting the community’s diverse narratives.

Actress and activist Angelica Ross, founder of Trans Tech Social, highlights the importance of queer, LGBTQ and trans participation in art and tech discussions. Emphasizing inclusivity in finance and technology, Ross also advocates for broader community representation in these fields.

HUG’s Collaboration and Open Call

HUG, a social marketplace, has joined hands with Meta Queens in an Open Call, selecting five international artists to contribute to the art collection. Debbie Soon, HUG’s Co-Founder, reiterates their shared mission of supporting artists from underrepresented communities.

Launch Details and Community Engagement

Mark your calendars for November 16th, when Meta Queens goes live on Prohibition. The art is going for .01 ETH a pop! Stay updated and get early access by following Meta Queens on social media and signing up at HEYMINT.

About Meta Queens

Meta Queens, born from Build Tomorrow, an incubator for sustainable future technologies, is a vibrant community committed to amplifying queer and trans voices in the digital realm. The project also supports grassroots LGBTQIA+ non-profits.


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