Everything About QQL By Tyler Hobbs and Dandelion Wist

This month, the iconic digital artist Tyler Hobbs revealed his latest generative NFT project: QQL. This innovative platform allows users to create their own digital assets based on unique algorithms. In other words, anyone will get a chance to collaborate with Tyler Hobbs and generate valuable artworks.

QQL will auction off 900 mint passes in September, so let’s find out all about this unique project ASAP!

image of Tyler Hobbs discussing the QQL platform

“Fidenza” creator Tyler Hobbs has just announced his latest generative art project, QQL. Credit: Twitter

What is QQL by Tyler Hobbs and Dandelion Wist?

Basically, QQL is a generative NFT project created by Tyler Hobbs and Dandelion West. The team describes this platform as “an experiment in generative collaboration” that engages community members too.

In fact, everybody will be able to test the QQL algorithm to generate their own digital assets. The founding team will release a unique algorithm on the platform and additional tools to use it. Next, community members will be able to create and discover generative artworks based on the same algorithm.

“It’s up to you to decide what speaks to you and to select the final works,” the QQL platform states.

generative NFT artwork created using Tyler Hobbs' QQL paltform

Any user will be able to test and explore the QQL NFT platform, Tyler Hobbs says. Credit: QQL

How can you create generative NFTs with QQL?

According to the official website, everybody will be able to use Tyler Hobbs’ QQL platform for free. However, only those who hold a QQL Mint Pass can actually mint their generated collectibles.

As a Mint Pass holder, you can create a unique “seed” that includes three items:

  • Your digital wallet address;
  • The traits selected on the QQL platform;
  • Your curated entropy.

This way, your generative NFT will feature your own signature. The digital seed also serves as proof of each artwork’s originality.

The QQL Mint Passes will drop as NFTs in September. There will be 900 Passes up for auction via Archipelago, an NFT marketplace dedicated to generative artworks.

Twitter screenshot of Tyler Hobbs announcing his new platform, QQL

Tyler Hobbs announced his latest generative art “experiment”, the QQL platform, via Twitter. Credit: Twitter

Who is behind the project?

To begin with, Tyler Hobbs is among the most successful generative NFT artists to date. Some of his iconic NFTs of the “Fidenza” collection sold for over 1,000 ETH thanks to their simple, yet creative algorithm. You can find out all about Tyler Hobbs’ vision and work in our exclusive article right here.

Meanwhile, Dandelion Wist describes himself as a “crypto hacker, founder, and collector”. The developer held a TED Talk discussing the importance of NFT marketplace mechanics earlier this year. Now, he is focused on expanding the Archipelago generative NFT marketplace, which allegedly supports Art Blocks too.

Together with Tyler Hobbs, Wist aims to turn QQL into a long-term generative NFT project available for every art enthusiast.

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