9GAG’s ‘Memeland Captainz NFT’ Might Be The Next PEPE

We’d HODL that Memeland Captainz NFT if we were you Anon, and not just for 9GAG sake!

The highly anticipated Captainz art reveal faces mixed reviews and unwarranted FUD, but there’s layers (pun intended) to this NFT project! Memeland unveils something truly extraordinary with Captainz, something everyone seems to miss. In this article, we will delve into why the Memeland Captainz NFT reveal stands apart from any other in the NFT scene.

Last month, memecoin $PEPE hit historic heights and became an immortal internet money icon. Is Memeland going to follow in its footsteps? Is the project actually building for the future? Or is the FUD justified and bearish market sentiment set to kill all NFTs? We took a little deep-dive.


  • Memeland’s Captainz NFT project offers extensive customization options, empowering users to shape their avatar’s identity.
  • The introduction of ERC-6551 allows NFTs to have their own wallets, enabling them to hold and manage assets directly, including other tokens.
  • Memeland’s focus on community and collaboration fosters a dynamic and inclusive NFT experience, with potential partnerships with renowned brands.

an image of different kinds of Memeland Captainz NFTs by 9GAG, alongside the text "ERC-6551"

9GAG’s Memeland NFT Project ‘Captainz’ is a Portal to a New Internet Culture

From the innovative customization options to the potential collaborations with renowned brands, 9GAG’s Memeland is pushing the boundaries of NFTs. However, amidst the excitement, there are also concerns regarding scarcity, artistic quality, and fair pricing. Let’s explore the intricacies of this groundbreaking NFT reveal and why it has the potential to revolutionize the NFT landscape.

Is the FUD worth it’s digital salt? First, let’s clear the air for the newbies to the NFT scene to understand why Memeland’s Captainz are so different. Here’s a few reasons:

Unparalleled Customization:

Unlike traditional NFT reveals, Memeland offers its Captainz holders the power to personalize their avatars extensively. From choosing the gender and skin type to selecting unique traits, this level of customization sets Captainz apart from the rest. This NFT reveal goes beyond passive ownership, allowing users to actively shape their avatar’s identity. Furthermore, Memeland encourages holders to report trait bugs and even offers bounties, fostering a collaborative and inclusive community.

a picture of a Captainz NFT that can be modified to various traits

On-Chain Character Customization

Memeland’s approach aligns perfectly with the philosophy of “I am my NFT, and my NFT is me.” They have focused on creating an identity- and community-driven experience, setting themselves apart from other non-IP focused projects. By providing users with a canvas, namely the Captainz avatars, Memeland allows individuals to take charge of their avatar’s appearance and identity. This concept fosters a deeper connection between users and their NFTs, enhancing the overall experience.

Innovation at its Core:

The Captainz reveal introduces ERC-6551, a token standard that enables NFTs to have their own wallets capable of storing assets, including other tokens. This opens up a world of possibilities. Particularly, it forges collaborations with successful intellectual properties (IPs) from Web2 or Web3. These could include Adidas, One Piece, or Star Wars, or pretty much any other pop culture brand/meme/reference you could think of!

Memeland’s partnership potential with these IPs is essential. It allows the distribution of special traits earned through challenges or events, adds an element of excitement and novelty to the NFT experience.

a picture of various anime and cartoon items like a lightsaber, portal gun from rick and morty, narutos headband, etc. Signifying possible 9GAG NFT project collaborations across brands.

9GAG’s Possible NFT Trait Collaborations

ERC-6551 is an extraordinary upgrade to the Ethereum NFT ecosystem that deserves more attention. It introduces a groundbreaking concept where NFTs have their own wallets. This enables them to hold and manage assets directly. This means that NFTs can now store not only ETH but also a variety of other tokens, aka other NFTs. The implications of this upgrade are far-reaching and transformative.

ERC-6551: A Brief Exploration

A notable benefit of ERC-6551 is its impact on airdrops. Instead of relying on snapshots and distributing tokens to NFT holders, projects now airdrop tokens directly to the NFTs themselves. This streamlines the process and provides clear on-chain visibility of the assets held within each NFT.

In the gaming realm, ERC-6551 revolutionizes ownership experience. This protocol allows all character-related items, such as weapons, clothing, and in-game currency, to be owned by the NFT itself. This consolidates ownership and simplifies trading, as all associated items can be transferred together in a single transaction.

Furthermore, ERC-6551 opens up fascinating possibilities for NFTs. They can now have their own trading history, collection, and even an identity. The potential for autonomous trading and curation by AI-powered NFTs is an exciting frontier waiting to be explored.

With its ability to empower NFTs with their own wallets, ERC-6551 represents a significant leap forward for NFTs. It unlocks new avenues for creativity, ownership, and asset management. As we venture into the future, driven by this remarkable upgrade, the world of NFTs is poised for unprecedented growth and innovation.

Empowering Community:

Memeland’s innovative approach empowers its community of artists and enthusiasts. The ability for holders to craft and sell their own traits, with a system to gauge their rarity, not only adds value but also encourages active participation in the project’s growth. By continuously building and engaging with the ecosystem, artists play a crucial role in fueling innovation, nurturing creativity, and providing a platform for emerging talents to shine.

In recent discussions surrounding the Memeland Captainz NFT reveal, it is disheartening to witness the emergence of FUD around this project. It is essential to note that 9GAG’s Memeland NFT project is transparent in disclosing crucial information about the reveal process and how it all works. Surprisingly, some individuals seem surprised by the information that has been readily available.

Why Some 9GAG ‘Captainz’ NFT FUD is Justified

While the Memeland Captainz NFT reveal holds immense promise, it is not without its challenges. Some holders have expressed concerns about the scarcity of rare traits in the collection, which is crucial for collectors seeking exclusivity. Additionally, worries exist about non-artistic traders potentially creating unappealing avatars if left unchecked.

It is essential to educate newcomers about the customizable nature of Captainz avatars to ensure their engagement and prevent any deterrents. The separation of traits from the NFTs also raises questions about fair pricing and potential imbalances in valuation, posing a complex challenge that Memeland will need to navigate thoughtfully.

Moreover, the team fumbled the artwork, visibly.

problems with 9gag Memeland Captainz NFTs

9GAG NFT: The Future Of NFTs?

Despite these concerns, it is evident that Memeland is on the right track with its reveal mechanic. It draws inspiration from popular Web2 games like Fortnite and Counter-Strike. This is where players eagerly invest in cool skins. Memeland just takes it a step further by introducing a marketplace for trading these unique avatars. This leap in functionality is undeniably exciting and has the potential to revolutionize the NFT landscape.

9GAG’s Memeland Captainz NFT reveal stands as a testament to it’s commitment to constant innovation and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the NFT scene. The unparalleled customization options, the potential for collaborations with prominent IPs, and the empowering community-centric approach all contribute to making this NFT reveal unlike any other.

While challenges and concerns exist, Memeland’s vision for an engaging and dynamic NFT experience demonstrates a pioneering spirit that will undoubtedly shape the future of the NFT ecosystem. It all comes down to the traits, and how the 9GAG NFT project goes from there.

Until then, Anon…

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