Experience the Future of Beauty: Metaverse Beauty Week Starts Soon

Metaverse Beauty Week (MBW) is among the leading metaverse events dedicated to digital and real-life beauty, set to run between 12-17 June.


  • Metaverse Beauty Week starts on June 12th in the Decentraland, Roblox, and Spatial metaverses, as well as IRL in London.
  • The five-day event will host beauty brands such as Neutrogena, Glossybox, and virtual icons like YouTube skinfluencer Cassandra Bankson.
  • MBW aims to promote and innovate the beauty industry by connecting leading brands to the Web3 space.
digtal poster of a pair of lips on an abstract background ahead of the metaverse beauty week

Metaverse Beauty Week will run between June 12-17, and it’s ready to host top brands in the beauty industry – both digitally and in real life.

Metaverse Beauty Week: Who Can You See There?

Next week will be memorable for the beauty industry as the Metaverse Beauty Week begins on June 12th. This unique event will run until June 17th, available in three metaverses: Roblox, Decentraland, and Spatial. However, attendees can also enjoy it IRL at the Flannels x flagship store in London’s iconic Oxford Street.

In essence, the annual event prevents the latest innovations in the beauty sector while promoting emerging talents. For instance, attendees will meet AR artists Paige Piskin and Inés Alpha. The two will be present in the metaverse and IRL versions of the Metaverse Beauty Week.

In addition, Cassandra Bankson – a leading skinfluencer with over 2M YouTube subscribers – will launch an exclusive NFT drop. Accordingly, the icon will also share insights into her journey to Web3 success.

Of course, MBW will also host some of the leading brands of the beauty industry IRL. From Flannels to Lush and Neutrogena, each company will present its own approach to the Web3 space.

digital poster of the metaverse beauty week

The event will host exclusive drops, insights, and other innovation examples in the digital beauty industry.

What’s the Future of the Web3 Beauty Industry?

While it may not be the most popular niche in the Web3 space, digital beauty undoubtedly has potential. Over the past twelve months, we’ve seen top brands, such as NYX, Yves Saint Laurent, or Wella Professionals, launch their own innovations. These companies proved they can be just as relevant in the metaverse as they are IRL, thanks to their creative approach.

After all, the metaverse concept mirrors real life in many ways – and beauty is still an aspect people care about. Whether it’s the physical world or a virtual avatar, our society aims to enhance its appearance constantly. Events such as the Metaverse Beauty Week are a great example of how we can blend and innovate beauty in both worlds.

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