Famous Led Zeppelin Photos and Memorabilia To Drop As NFTs

OneOf, in partnership with eBay and Globe Entertainment and Media, released its digital collectible series, “Legends of Rock: Led Zeppelin.” This brand-new series offers fans an opportunity to own a piece of rock history. The collection combines rare physical memorabilia from the band with a blockchain-authorized NFT certificate of authenticity. Let’s dive into what the Led Zeppelin collection entails and how you can get your hands on one.


Legends of Rock: Led Zeppelin Collection

The recently released collection consists of three photos taken by photographer Jay Thompson. The photos feature Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Bonham and John Paul Jones during the 1969 photo shoot at Hollywood’s Chateau Marmont. Furthermore, each purchase includes a pair of vintage, tangible tickets from Led Zeppelin’s Chicago Stadium concert in 1980. It’s worth noting that the concert was sadly cancelled due to the death of the band’s drummer. Hence, the tickets were never sold, and the original Led Zeppelin era came to an end.

Led Zeppelin NFT

The original, vintage 1980 concert tickets from the mournfully cancelled show in Chicago.

Moreover, the Led Zeppelin collection contains two tiers for fans. Firstly, there’s the Platinum tier, which includes 99 editions of each of the three photographs priced at $199. Fans will receive a physical 16-by-16 photograph along with two original tickets from the cancelled 1980 tour. The Diamond tier will also provide five fans with a 30-by-24 professionally framed and engraved photograph of Led Zeppelin. Additionally, each purchase will come with an NFT certificate of authentication minted on the Tezos blockchain that confirms the collector’s ownership.

Led Zeppelin digital collectibles collection

The 3 iconic photographs included in the collection.

Fans can shop the collection here and receive the memorabilia within 5 business days, just in time for Christmas.

“With this drop, eBay is connecting Led Zeppelin fans with storied pieces of the band’s history – and affirming the authenticity of this legendary memorabilia with blockchain technology,” said Brita Turner, General Manager, Collectibles, at eBay. “Collectors and enthusiasts turn to eBay for the rare, exclusive and iconic, and these original Led Zeppelin tickets and photographs highlight the unique items eBay brings to music fans, and to all collector communities.”

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