FIFA Expands Into the Metaverse: Files Trademark Applications for VR and More

FIFA, the global soccer governing body, keeps exploring the metaverse and immersive environments. The global soccer governing body has filed trademark applications across nine different categories as part of its “WE ARE” initiative.


  • FIFA is delving into the metaverse as part of its “WE ARE” initiative, filing trademark applications spanning nine categories including VR, gaming, and fashion.
  • The organization has rolled out innovative digital services like a virtual replica of the World Cup stadium and an immersive fan engagement app, Phygtlis.
  • In addition to virtual reality endeavors, FIFA is exploring the potential of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with the launch of “FIFA+Collect” in partnership with Algorand.
An illustration for FIFA's Web3 games.

FIFA already launched some Web3 games.

The revelation was first shared on Twitter by intellectual property attorney Mike Kondoudis. He underscored FIFA’s escalating focus on the integration of VR in gaming, fashion, and entertainment.

These trademarks, aim to secure an array of prospective online services, ranging from bespoke fitness coaching sessions to live streaming of sports events and impressive laser displays.

FIFA isn’t limiting itself to just services, though. Its applications also include the provision of virtual sports equipment and accessories, all designed for the digital realm.

What are FIFA Metaverse Plans?

This move follows FIFA’s earlier initiative of creating a virtual replica of Qatar’s Lusail Stadium. It allowed fans to enjoy the World Cup from home.

In an interesting collaboration, FIFA partnered with luxury Swiss watch manufacturer Hublot and the metaverse platform Upland for the World Cup 2022.

Together, they developed unique virtual experiences and digital assets. FIFA has also launched Phygtl, an app providing an immersive fan engagement experience. Phygtl is also an interactive way to revisit memorable World Cup moments.

Notably, FIFA is also venturing into NFTs. The launch of “FIFA+Collect” with Algorand’s blockchain technology signals the organization’s growing interest in the potential of digital assets.

By extending its reach into the metaverse, FIFA is indeed transforming the way fans interact with soccer in Web3.

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