Join the Cyber Quest: German Intelligence Agency Drops NFTs to Find New Talent

Germany’s BND Intelligence Agency is using an NFT collection and a crypto quest to attract fresh talent to cybersecurity. But how and why is BND using NFTs to find new recruits? Read on to find out more!


  • BND combines NFTs and a cyber quest to recruit cybersecurity talent, using modern technology and gamification.
  • “Dogs of BND” NFT collection offers 999 dog like profile pictures, earned through a challenging quest mirroring real-life cybersecurity scenarios.
  • BND targets blockchain-savvy individuals through social media.
Still from BND Cybersecurity

BND Intelligence Agency Releases NFT Collection

Are NFTs the Future of Cyber Policing?

Significantly, in a bid to attract new talent, the German Intelligence Agency, Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND), has ventured into the world of NFTs. Thus, by using modern technology and gaming, they aim to bring fresh minds into the field of cybersecurity.

Introducing the “Dogs of BND” NFT collection, featuring 999 dog-themed profile pictures in cybersecurity gear. But these NFTs won’t be sold; they must be earned through a cyber quest that tests the skills sought by the German intelligence agency.

Quest For New Talent to Improve Cybersecurity  

So, let’s uncover the secrets of the Cyber Quest. Participants embark on a challenge mirroring real-life cybersecurity scenarios. Their mission? Locate clues like wallet addresses, transaction hashes, blocks, or token numbers. After finishing the quest, the code grants access to the sought after collection.

Moreover, the cost to mint an NFT from the “Dogs of BND” collection is less than 1 cent (not including gas fees). However, their value increases in the secondary marketplace, with a floor price of 0.015 ETH on OpenSea. Only 987 out of the 999 NFTs are available through the treasure hunt.

Consequently, BND is after young, blockchain-savvy talent to combat cybercrime and improve cybersecurity. The treasure hunt, as reported by the German cryptocurrency publication BTC Echo, serves as a unique way to attract such individuals. In addition, to reach its desired audience, BND recognises the power of social media, using its Instagram to engage people interested in NFTs. BND recognises the need to address cybersecurity threats that come with the increased popularity of blockchain and NFTs.

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