Wimbledon and Andy Murray Collaborate with Refik Anadol for Groundbreaking NFT Project!

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Wimbledon, Andy Murray, and Refik Anadol Studio have come together for a unique digital artwork (NFT) project. The project coincides with the 10-year anniversary of the end of the 77-year wait for a British Gentlemen’s Singles Champion at Wimbledon. This project combines sports data and digital art in an unprecedented manner.

The artwork also visually interprets every stroke, movement, and point played over Andy Murray’s near 20-year Wimbledon career! The launch of this innovative project is scheduled for July 7. It offers fans an opportunity to purchase the artwork until the end of The Championships 2023. Let’s dive into this unique Wimbledon NFT project!


  • Wimbledon, Andy Murray, and Refik Anadol Studio collaborate on a groundbreaking digital artwork project.
  • The artwork visually interprets every aspect of Murray’s Wimbledon career and combines sports data with digital art.
  • Fans can purchase the digital artwork during The Championships 2023, with an option to acquire a physical print edition later.
Pictures of Andy Murray and Refik Anadol, both of whom are collaborating towards and NFT project

Left: Andy Murray, Right: Refik Anadol


Refik Anadol Studio Brings To Life Andy Murray & Wimbledon NFTs!

By leveraging IBM’s Championships data, a team of scientists and developers has created a one-of-a-kind algorithm to produce a fine art digital sculpture. This algorithm utilizes millions of inputs from statistics, motion, audio, and visual data. It reimagines how high-performance sports data is both understood and appreciated through visually stunning art.

Titled “The Exposition” and specifically designed for this summer, the digital artwork will be minted on Manifold Studio. Moreover, it is also available for purchase using credit cards or crypto via Crossmint. During The Championships, there will be no cap on the number of editions that can be sold. This presents fans with a remarkable opportunity to own a part of tennis history. Priced at $145 or 0.077 ETH, the digital artwork will be available for purchase from July 7 until the conclusion of The Championships on July 16.

Blending Digital and Physical Worlds:

Owners of the digital artwork will have the exclusive right to acquire a physical print edition, exemplifying the project’s aspiration to merge the digital and physical realms. Avant Arte, a community-based art marketplace, creates the physical print editions. These are available to NFT holders later this year.

A Living Collaboration

The project is launching exactly a decade after Andy Murray’s first Wimbledon victory. Furthermore, the art evolves organically through live data collection during this year’s Championships. This dynamic collaboration aims to embrace the emerging opportunities offered by digital ownership. It allows both art collectors and tennis enthusiasts to enjoy the collection and own a piece of sporting history.

The animated data paintings for The Exposition mint on the Ethereum blockchain. This then forever marks them as a celebration of one of the United Kingdom’s most exceptional athletes.

image of the exposition the Andy Murray nft

Andy Murray x Wimbledon x Refik Anadol: The Exposition NFT

Expressing his enthusiasm for the project, Andy Murray states, “Everyone knows how special Wimbledon is to me and the important part it has played in my career so far. Data also plays a vital role in my match preparation and opponent analysis. I’ve been collecting art for a number of years now and following the amazing work Refik and his team produce. A project that combines these three areas and pushes technological boundaries is something I am keen to be involved with.

Curated and produced by web3 consultancy FAN3, the collaboration between Wimbledon, Andy Murray, and Refik Anadol Studio represents a remarkable fusion of sports, technology, and art. This ambitious project showcases the transformative power of digital art in reimagining the visualization of sports data. It also offers fans a chance to be part of a historic moment in tennis by owning a unique piece of digital and physical art. By pushing the boundaries of technology and creativity, this collaboration paves the way for future innovations at the intersection of sports and digital art.

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