The Sandbox x Warner Music: Win 1000 $SAND & Unleash Your Creative Beats in AR!

Metaverse giant The Sandbox joins forces with Warner Music Group for a unique AR experience! Once again, the virtual world grants fans the power to create their own personalized audio-visual wonderland in the comfort of their own surroundings.

Is this the future of entertainment experience? Let’s dive in.


  • The Sandbox partners with Warner Music Group to bring a unique audio-visual experience to the physical world.
  • Users can create their own DJ booth, musicians, instruments, and dancers in any location using the AR portal on Instagram.
  • A competition is underway to find the best AR build, with the winner receiving 1000 $SAND tokens.

picture of the Sandbox metaverse logo and Warner Music logos side by side superimposed over a convert crowd

The Sandbox Metaverse Reveals AR Portals With Warner Music

Picture this: you dive into the AR portal, courtesy of the Instagram app, and find yourself in a realm of endless possibilities. You are now the master of your domain, free to transform any physical location into a pulsating hub of creativity. Want a DJ booth? Done. Craving live musicians? Also done. Instruments and dancers? Oh, you better believe they’re at your disposal. And the best part? The lovable characters of The Sandbox will groove alongside you, transforming your world into a vibrant dance floor.

screenshot of Sandbox metaverse instagram announcing the Warner Music competition for 1000 $SAND

To embark on this extraordinary adventure, all you need is a mobile device and a burning desire for self-expression. Simply follow the link to The Sandbox’s dedicated Instagram page, where you will embark on your journey.

First things first, you’ll be prompted to select a flat surface on which to erect your mesmerizing musical wonderland. With that done, you’ll find yourself faced with a treasure trove of 8 virtual assets, awaiting your personal touch. Finally, use your fingertips to move, rotate, and resize each element, curating an experience that perfectly suits your unique vision.

How You Can Win 1000 $SAND

But hold on, there’s more! The Sandbox team is also unleashing an exhilarating competition to celebrate this groundbreaking addition to their toolkit of wonders. They are on a quest to find the most captivating, jaw-dropping, and audacious AR creation out there. Moreover, the creator of the most awe-inspiring DJ set will be rewarded with a mind-blowing prize of 1000 $SAND!

Participating is a piece of cake. Simply unleash your creative prowess, craft a stunning creation using the remarkable AR tool, and then share it with the world. Next, you must also tag “The Sandbox” and its associated projects, and you’re good to go! Remember, these projects are keeping an eager eye out for the shining stars of innovation. Let the gods of The Sandbox cast their discerning gaze upon the entries, and may the most deserving victor bask in the glory of tokenized rewards!

As the Metaverse pushes the boundaries of innovation, the line between the virtual and physical realms grows ever more indistinct. So, prepare yourself for a journey that blurs the confines of reality. Experience The Sandbox as it revolutionizes the way we interact with the digital world.

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