Wild Curatorial Board Selects Jonas Lund’s ‘Most Accidents Happen at Home’ as the Pinnacle of Artistic Excellence

Wildxyz, one of the best NFT marketplaces for digital artists, will launch Jonas Lund’s NFT collection awarded with its Wild Signature Recognition for artistic excellence on July 12th.


  • The Wild Curatorial Board awarded Jonas Lund with the Wild Signature Recognition for artistic excellence in the NFT marketplace.
  • The Curatorial Board, which includes members like Harm van den Dorpel and Holly Herndon, selected Lund for his upcoming NFT collection ‘Most Accidents Happen at Home’, which explores the connection between virtual and physical environments.
  • Lund is a multimedia artist known for his interactive digital art, and he has also had solo exhibitions in various international venues.
image of digital and physical artist Jonas Lund

The Wild Curatorial Board has selected Jonas Lund’s NFT collection for the digital excellence award.

The Wild Curatorial Board Award: The Selection Process

Four weeks after confirming their Curatorial Board, the web3 platform Wildxyz offered its first Wild Signature recognition. The award goes to mixed-media artist Jonas Lund and his upcoming NFT collection ‘Most Accidents Happen at Home’. The collection is set to launch on July 12th via Wildxyz.

This digital drop explores the connection between virtual and physical environments. The artworks represent 3D towers made of random household objects. Every time Lund trips over an object in his house, the metadata of the artworks changes, thus revealing new assets. Here’s an example:

image of an abstract digital asset from Jonas Lund's NFT collection

Lund’s virtual artworks explore the impact of digitalization on our society.

Of course, the unique concept instantly caught the Curatorial Board’s eye. The board members concluded that Jonas Lund’s NFT collection meets their criteria: creator’s dedication, depth, digital excellence, and interactivity.

“Wild’s Curatorial Board unanimously aligned on the magic of interactivity, the power of digital excellence coupled with conceptual experience, and Jonas Lund’s unwavering commitment as a creator. Hats off to Jonas on a well-deserved designation as Wild’s inaugural Signature collection,” said Nancy Baker Cahill, a Wild Curatorial Board member.

Other notable members of the board are Harm van den Dorpel, Casey Reas, and Holly Herndon, to name a few.

Who is Jonas Lund?

In essence, Jonas Lund is a multimedia artist exploring both traditional and digital mediums. Over the years, he successfully released paintings, sculptures, photographs, and websites or NFT collections that showcase his vision. Generally, his digital art style revolves around creating structures and unique algorithms that make each artwork interactive.

In recent years, Jonas Lund had multiple solo exhibitions around the world. Some of the top examples are the Photographers’ Gallery in London, Showroom MAMA, and also Los Angeles.

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