Cool Cats Update Includes 3 New Games!

Cool Cats Level Up: Get Ready for Three Mind-Blowing New Games!

Get ready for the exciting Cool Cats update including three new games! In a recent Town Hall event, Cool Cats revealed a series of significant changes aimed at elevating their global brand experience. Notably, the company is set to partner with renowned game developers to launch three exciting new games within the next year. Let’s dive in!


  • Cool Cats is partnering with top game developers to create three new games next year.
  • The Cool Pets collection is getting a remarkable makeover, allowing fans to upgrade to new companions with fresh artwork, and expanded character development.
  • Active $MILK generation will be discontinued on July 27, 2023, and a final $MILK burn event will take place.

    Cool Cats Level Up: Get Ready for Three Mind-Blowing New Games!

    Cool Cats Level Up: Get Ready for Three Mind-Blowing New Games!

Cool Cats Unleash 3 Cool New Games: Get Ready to Play Worldwide!

Cool Cats is working hard to make their brand even better! They are teaming up with top game developers to make three cool new games next year. Excitingly, these games promise to captivate players worldwide, further establishing Cool Cats as a prominent and beloved storytelling character brand.

Additionally, the beloved Cool Pets collection is in for a remarkable makeover. Essentially, fans will be able to upgrade to new companions this Summer. The upgrade includes fresh, new artwork, expanded character development, and clear future utility within the Cool Cats ecosystem, including use in the Cool Cats games. Ultimately, these changes take storytelling to new heights and provide fans with fresh and engaging experiences.

Furthermore, Cool Cats announced the discontinuation of active $MILK generation, effective July 27, 2023. As part of the transition, the company has planned a final $MILK burn event for later this summer. Plus, Cool Cats will reward participants who take part in the $MILK burn. Significantly, rewards include both physical and digital incentives. However, it’s still unclear what the replacement will be ahead of the new Cool Cats games.

The ecosystem’s upgrades do not leave existing Cooltopia items, such as Pet Questing and Cat Gathering, behind. Instead, these items will play essential roles in the upcoming avatar system. Thus, allowing fans to continue enjoying their significance and engagement value in the evolving Cool Cats universe. The community can look forward to detailed information on Cooltopia questing items and the $MILK burn event in the coming weeks. But, we do know that this marks a momentous chapter in the evolution of Cool Cats’ ecosystem.


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