Christie’s 3.0 Explores Psychedelic Art with ‘Cartography of the Soul’ NFTs

Christie’s returns to the NFT market with the curated art auction titled ‘Cartography of the Soul’ dedicated to psychedelic artworks and therapy.


  • Christie’s is hosting the ‘Cartography of the Soul’ NFT auction featuring over 30 digital artworks by renowned artists, with proceeds going to MAPS, a non-profit focused on psychedelic therapies.
  • The auction aligns with the Psychedelic Science 2023 event and aims to celebrate psychedelic experiences expressed through art.
  • Reputable auction houses like Christie’s and Sotheby’s have continued to show interest in NFTs despite the bear market, with previous NFT auctions achieving record-breaking sales.
image of a psychedelic-inspired digital artwork of a scientist sitting alongside magical planets

Christie’s latest curated NFT auction features over 30 digital artworks centered around psychedelic experiences.

What Does Christie’s ‘Cartography of the Soul’ NFT Auction Offer?

The iconic auction house Christie’s draws attention to psychedelic therapy with its new NFT auction: ‘Cartography of the Soul.’ This drop features over 30 digital artworks from artists such as DeeKay, Pussy Riot, Justin Aversano, Mad Dog Jones and more.

Each artist expressed their own psychedelic experiences in an artistic manner. In fact, Christie’s aims to celebrate the event Psychedelic Science 2023 held this month in Colorado. All proceeds generated from the auction will go to MAPS, a non-profit studying and innovating vital psychedelic therapies.

Cartography of the Soul‘ was exhibited between 21 – 23 June in Denver, Colorado, simultaneously with Psychedelic Science 2023. However, the top artworks of the auction will be displayed at Christie’s New York location on 23 – 27 June.

This is the second auction of this type for Christie’s. Last year, the company hosted a similar project titled ‘Cartography of the Mind.’ Both NFT auctions were curated in partnership with 1of1, a web3 collector’s club.

abstract 3d image of a woman figure , an nft from christie's auction

From 3D rendering to cartoon characters, Christie’s auction covers multiple art styles.

Are Auction Houses Still into NFTs After the Bear Market?

Reputable auction houses first became interested in digital collectibles during the 2021 NFT boom. At the time, Sotheby’s scored a record-breaking auction featuring Pak, worth over $17 million at the time. Christie’s was even more successful, selling off its very first NFT, ”Everydays: The First 5000 Days”, for $69 million.

These events were so successful that auction houses continued to expand the NFT market even during the 2022 bear market. For instance, the debut FC Barcelona NFT collection sold for a staggering $693k at Sotheby’s last summer. To conclude, the new Chritstie’s charity NFT auction will likely be just as successful and relevant.

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