Art in Motion: King of Reverspective Patrick Hughes Unveils Dynamic NFT Collection

The ‘King of Reverspective,’ artist Patrick Hughes, returns to the NFT market with two exclusive drops launched via the ElmonX platform.


  • Patrick Hughes, the renowned artist known for reverse perspective artworks, has launched two new NFTs featuring 3D rotating structures, ‘Die’ and ‘Rubik’s Cube.’
  • You can buy the NFTs through public sale on the ElmonX platform right now.
  • ElmonX is a next-gen NFT platform focused on modern and contemporary art, including works by renowned artists such as Monet and DaVinci.
image of painter Patrick Hughes painting

The iconic contemporary painter Patrick Hughes launched two new NFTs featuring his reverspective technique.

What is the New Patrick Hughes NFT Collection?

Patrick Hughes, the iconic artist best known for his reverse perspective artworks, launched two new NFTs. Once again, the pioneer of the ‘reverspective’ painting technique used his 30-year experience to develop two 3D rotating structures:

  • ‘Die’ – a dice-like structure made of three planes that turn around just like physical dice;
  • ‘Rubik’s Cube’ (pictured below) – a representation of the iconic cubism art movement adapted to Hughes’s reverspective method.

Notably, each NFT comes in 330 limited editions. The private sale ended on June 24th, but collectors can still get a piece via the public sale on the ElmonX platform.

Hughes first joined the NFT space in August 2022 when he launched a Reverspective collection on the VeVe platform. Of course, having an artist as revolutionary as him on the NFT market is pushing the digital art market’s value to new levels.

In order to launch his latest NFT drop, Patrick Hughes has partnered with the web3 platform ElmonX.

What is ElmonX?

ElmonX is a next-gen NFT platform dedicated to modern art and artifacts. The brand boasts NFTs by Claude Monet, Auguste Rodin, and Leonardo DaVinci’s iconic ‘Mona Lisa.’

This green web3 platform supports the environment by planting a tree for each sale completed.

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