GameFi x Oasys: Unveiling Oasys Navi Marketplace for Next-Gen Web3 Gaming

The web3 platform GameFi revealed its latest collaboration with Oasys, the Japanese gaming blockchain, for a new NFT marketplace: Oasys Navi.


  • has announced the Oasys Navi NFT gaming marketplace, created in collaboration with Japanese gaming platform Oasys.
  • The marketplace will support INO and IDO campaigns of games on the Oasys blockchain, and new NFT projects.
  • The project roadmap includes the release of a beta version, game dashboard, mainnet launch, INOs, tournaments, and surprise features.
image of two digital hands almost touching each other representing the partnership between GameFi and Oasys

GameFi teamed up with Oasys to launch a new NFT marketplace dedicated to blockchain games: Oasys Navi.

How Does GameFi’s New NFT Marketplace Work?

This week, the web3 dedicated platform announced a new exciting project: the Oasys Navi NFT gaming marketplace. Much as its name suggests, the platform is created in partnership with the Japanese gaming platform Oasys.

Considering the two platforms’ blockchain success, the Oasys Navi marketplace will likely host top gaming-related NFT launches. After all, Oasys boasts an impressive portfolio of games such as 9Live Arena, Crypto Spells, or My Crypto Heroes. Their new NFT marketplace also uses the Oasys blockchain.

As a result, GameFi will also support games’ INO and IDO campaigns as long as they’re on Oasys Navi.

“We are thrilled to have incorporate Oasys into its ecosystem. We are eager to work with their team, broaden our influence in the web3 gaming market, and build an environment that is really immersive for the entire gaming community,” said Oasys’ head of ecosystem alliance Yas.

What Does the Project Roadmap Say?

To begin with, GameFi and Oasys are ready to release the beta version of the NFT marketplace along with a game dashboard.

Next up, the partners will host the mainnet release and INOs. Lastly, the third phase of the roadmap features exciting tournaments and surprise features.

All in all, this partnership aims to innovate the blockchain gaming world.

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